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Does any one know the name of this movie??

It's a classic British black and white mystery,
The man accidently murders his wife, she's a mean cheating drunk (I beleive they own race horses)
she mocks him, they fight, he shoves her, she hits her head.......Dead! His car gets stuck on the drive to dump her body, and someone he knows is on the train platform and see him..... Police câu hỏi him, man swears he was nowhere near the train platform but man's friend insist he saw him there, suddenly a ticket stub falls out of the pocket of the man's raincoat.... Proof of guilt! Police are ready to haul man in for murdering his wife, when the Man's friend returns phút later
because he grabbed the wrong raincoat, meaning the ticket stub was the Những người bạn all along. The Police have nothing, they wish him goodnight as he escorts them out, gets on his horse and rides into the sunset.....getting away with murder.
 ShayLa80s posted hơn một năm qua
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Pyjamarama said:
I'm afraid i can't tell you.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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