Ok I have been a người hâm mộ of Disney since I was about 5. In my time I grew up watching the likes of Aladdin,Pocahuntas The Little Mermaid(released in 1989), The Lion King, Tarzan and of course Beauty and the Beast which was made when I was 6 months old lol. What I like about the past Disney phim chiếu rạp is that each story that goes with the movie is usually centered on our lives. For Example:

1# Pocahuntas: Indian Princess falls for sailor while her father doesn't like him.

Reality part to it: Falling for someone from a different background e.g Jewish,Traveller etc.

#2 TLM: Mermaid falls for human while her father doesn't like human's as he thinks there barbarians.

Reality side to it: bạn can fall for whoever and just be happy.

#3. Beauty and the Beast:

A french girl stays in an Chuyện thần tiên ở New York lâu đài guarded bởi a beast and they fall for each other.

Reality side to it: It doesn't matter if your ugly hoặc not ,your personality says it all.

Now here is my outing on today's Disney movies.

I think that Disney has Mất tích that magical feeling in their phim chiếu rạp as its all refered like phim chiếu rạp hoặc HSM hoặc Hannah Montana.

The only present film that I thought was very good was of course Enchanted. And here's why:

1. tình yêu can happen in reality and fiction
2. bạn don't have to marry someone in a day
3. Go with your heart.