A White Grinch???
Since we're all still in giáng sinh mood, here is my comparison for both the 1966 animated short with its live action film made in 2000.

1966 Animated Short

This animated short that started it all! I tình yêu the vibrant and how colourful this animated cartoon, it's whimsical phim hoạt hình style will make bạn tình yêu this cartoon and Dr. Seuss, his artwork fascinates people even in today's generation, the theme song 'You're Mean One, Mr. Grinch!' has even been covered in the TV series, 'Glee' that I could not get it out of my head after listening to it recently.

2000 Live Action Film

When this film came to Malaysia, I watched it on the big screen and I'm very convinced with Jim Carrey's portrayal of the tiêu đề character! He has previously played 'The Joker' (correct me on this) and 'The Mask' from Người dơi and the Mask respectively, I really salute him as a comedian!
James Horner did a wonderful musical score once again, and the song 'Where Are bạn Christmas' performed bởi Faith đồi núi, hill is very touching and memorable.

Merry Christmas!

Which do bạn choose? Do bạn also know that there will a 2018 reboot starring Benedict Cumberbatch? So, you're the judge for which version do bạn choose and Merry giáng sinh to bạn all!!!
His true colours, FINALLY!!