giáng sinh is a wonderful time of the year, all the presents, decorations, etc. Remember, though, giáng sinh can also be hectic and stressful. Here's just a few tips on how to survive the giáng sinh season.
1. Telling your mother that she has enough ornaments only gives her an excuse to buy more.
2. If bạn are dragged to a neighbor's house for a giáng sinh party, don't drink the eggnog if bạn plan to stay sober. Don't be like my uncle. That "spicy, different taste" is called rum.
3. If your grandmother is cooking giáng sinh dinner, and she has a terrible memory, don't count on her to take out the roast beef on time. Bring your own timer.
4. If you're not sure what to give your family for Christmas, get a gift card for their yêu thích restaurants hoặc stores, and bọc it up. Don't be like my aunt who gave me and my sister hideous outfits for Christmas.
5. Don't eat Santa's bánh quy, cookie until your younger siblings are asleep. Otherwise, your younger siblings will never trust bạn again.
6. When bạn stop believing in Santa, don't ruin it for your younger siblings.
7. chó and inflatable decorations don't mix.
8. If bạn are going to a relative's house for Christmas, do not bring your luggage through the phòng bếp, nhà bếp while he/she is trying to cook. GO THROUGH ANOTHER ENTRANCE!
9. If bạn want to bring your chó to someone else's house on Christmas, and he/she is fine with it, that's absolutely fine. However, as long as thực phẩm will be laying around, PUT THE chó IN THEIR CRATES, hoặc PUT THEM OUTSIDE! IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!