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Those that aren't familiar with Tamar's story will be được trao some background before I jump ahead. Tamar was a princess. She has at least two brothers, Absalom and Amnon. One night her brother has a servant call her to Amnon's chamber with special bread. So Tamar comes and long story short, Amnon rapes her. She will now forever be disgraced. Absalom, though angry, told her to keep quiet.

-Imagine Tamar: grief-stricken, sobbing, ashes on her head. Her body in a heap on the cold floor. Soot covers her beautiful face and smears the rich màu sắc of her torn robe. Her outward appearance echoes the...
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I found this on the "I tình yêu God." page on Facebook and found it rather uplifting.


There has been a whole lot of rapture talk going on lately. Again someone has predicted the world will come to an end at a certain ngày and time. I have been getting emails from folks around the world asking if this is going to be it for us and have been fielding các câu hỏi at work.

The word of God very clearly says in Matthew 24:36 (NIV), “But about that ngày hoặc giờ no one knows, not even the thiên thần in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Jesus told in Acts 1:7, "It is not for bạn to know the...
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