"I really can't help but laugh at myself sometimes...I mean the words that jump out of my mouth. bạn really can't take life too seriously :-D

"Nobody messes with the army."

"You can never control a wild tim, trái tim no matter how hard bạn try

"Being yourself is fun because you're one of a kind and no one else can be you.

"There will be haters. We take that as a challenge to prove ourselves one way hoặc another and I hope we will make some new fans."

"I am very excited to be a part of this group/family. Everyone has treated me great so far, and the response from the những người hâm mộ has been unreal! I have 2,044 messages in my email box in a ngày and a half and they keep going up. I am anxious to meet everyone in person, and I hope everybody is ready for the BVB world take over!"

Interviwer- "WHat are some of the pranks bạn have done on pass tours?"
Jake & CC talk at same time "Blah Blah" Look at each other then
CC- "Fill a water bottle with vinger?"
Jake- "What? We haven't done that?"
CC- "Well I have"
Jake- "WHen?"
CC- Laughs "DOn't worry about it."
Jake- "Ow man, I'm not drinking any thêm of the water bottles, I'm only drinking the ones that are...closed"

#ccqotd @jakepittsbvb "This is how pornos start!" lmao

"Real people do what they want...not what they can." Make it happen and live as bạn should

**Jan 1, 2012, 10:08:59 AM bởi ~BVBReady**
This was cute...& I thought it should be here ^_^