No. 20 Irene
This is just my hàng đầu, đầu trang 20 non-disney heroines danh sách with pictures so that should help a little bit!Okay here are the rules for đọc this article
1. If bạn wonder who the picture is of, just ask me!
2. Respect other people's opinions because we know that none of ours is the same as the tiếp theo one.
3. Please no mean comments. If bạn don't like my list, that's okay! But if bạn do post a comment, please post it in a nice, polite way. I would appreciate it.
4. bạn can post your opinion if bạn want to!
5. Again if bạn wonder who are some of the heroines in my list, just ask me! I mean seriously, I DO NOT BITE!!!!
-GRACIAS from esmeralda15:)

No. 19 Jessica Rabbit
No. 18 Holli Wood
No. 17 Daria
No. 16 Crysta
No. 15 Amealthea
No. 14 Tuptim
No. 13 Odette
No. 12 Moses's mother
No. 11 Mai
No. 10 Công chúa Anastasia
No. 9 Thumbelina
No. 8 Kayley
No. 7 Asenath
No. 6 Princess Yum-Yum
No. 5 bến du thuyền, bến tàu, marina
No. 4 Chel
No. 3 Linka
No. 2 Tzipporah
No. 1 San