I wasn't sure if I should've đã đăng this on the Disney club hoặc the Childhood Animated Heroines club but I finally decided on this one because it concentrates thêm on the heroines' beauty. Plus I've already made my prettiest Non-Disney females bài viết on here, so it's kind of a part 2 lol. Now I wouldn't want to leave out my Disney girls ;) including Non-Canon!

10. The Bimbettes
It was hard to choose between Babette and the Bimbettes... but the Bimbettes is a trio, so Babette didn't make the danh sách because she got outnumbered lol. I like that the trio act silly 24/7, yet still have beautiful faces while being goof balls. They might not have the brains but they have curves in all the right places. I tình yêu how each of them have the same bangs as Jasmine, Belle and Ariel respectfully. So yeah, really good character thiết kế and really hot girls.

9. Aquata
I think Aquata is the prettiest of Ariel's sisters, Attina coming in second. She possibly surpasses Ariel in that department even. I think her features are very pretty and there's just that spark on her face.

8. Blue Fairy
Blue Fairy looks like Snow White grew with age, dyed her hair platinum blonde and put on some icy blue contact lenses. hoặc in other words, she looks like she could be Snow's mom. It's ironic how she's a fairy that looks like an angel, heh.

7. Esmeralda
Hey... girl, bạn know you're lookin' so damn fine, you're lookin' like bạn fell from the sky, bạn know bạn make Quasi cry. Okay, ignore that I just quoted Robin Thicke, but that song just popped in my head when I had to describe Esme's appearance because she has a yummy body and her facial expressions are beautiful.

6. Giselle
Yeah I know, I đã đưa ý kiến Giselle was too generic looking for my liking ((and she is, that was the point)) but her looks started to grow on me. I tình yêu how feminine and happy she looks when she smiles.

5. Vidia
It's been đã đưa ý kiến that she looks like a less cartoony version of Megara and I can definitely see it, which is a good thing IMO. Vidia has a sweet smile, but she looks just as pretty with any other expressions on her face. I tình yêu her hair, it looks awesome with that high ponytail style.

4. Chicha
How did she even make it this far? Despite the fact that the creators made Chicha's role minor, I've always loved her and thought she was really pretty. She could pass off as Jasmine's mom, with those cat-like eyes and thick short hair. Yeah, she has that pregnant mother beauty lol.

3. Nani
Not many people can pull off having a nose like hers, but she does somehow. bạn can put any other features that are considered unattractive on her face and she would still end up looking good. That's what makes her gorgeous. She's often praised for having a realistic body and I do like her body... those hips!

2. Jane
I'm starting to truly appreciate natural beauties and Jane definitely is one, ignoring the purple eye shadow xD She has the most beautiful eyes out of all Disney girls, they're full of emotion and they have such a pretty shape and individual lash. Her rosy cheeks are adorable and her hands are drawn perfectly.

1. Silvermist
I've been extremely lazy with making digital art as of lately. But when I do make them, I enjoy making Silvermist các biểu tượng because I just tình yêu her look. Her long black hair, sexy slanted eyes and cute face all come together nicely. She really is a lovely one and she's also my most gorgeous CGI animated heroine.