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WATCH THIS - its such a cool Channy video!! Best I've seen!!
Sonny with a Chance
sonny munroe
chad dylan cooper
sonny and chad
chad and sonny
Demi Lovato
Sterling Knight
best of
ok, this episode was probably the best.

It started with the sketch "MackenZie Stalls", which had all funny các bình luận like "Mackenzie, bạn are not welcome here." "Why, because i am richer than you?" "no, because this is the girl's bathroom." so funny! Then they hiển thị Chad watching it, and he was mad! he grabs a plunger and heads over there. *intro*

Here is the cast of So Random! covered in toilet paper and plungers, devising a "retaliation", and Grady thinks he is a toilet unicorn. Sonny decides the fued between them is over and says it ends her. Then the is an explosion and Chad yells, "my heated...
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