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House: Where were bạn yesterday?
Cam: we were together, just stop asking
House: wow, direct
Chase: Cameron, wait
Cam: Yes
Chase: Tha wasnt what we talked about
Cam: I know, but im not going to hide it Chase
Chase: So bạn are gonna throw the bomb like this
Cam: Its not a bomb, everybody knows we are together
Chase: We are divorced
Cam: No
Chase: (silence)
Cam: I never send tha papers
Chase: (Hugs Cameron tight) I tình yêu you

So we were to House´s office

Cam: We have something to say
Thirteen: What is it?
Cam: We are back together
Thirteen, Foreman, House, Taub: What happened?
Cam: I realised i have made a mistake...
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I arrive to New Jersey at 10:00 am and i went straight to Princeton and when i got there i had a big surprise:

Cuddy: Welcome back!
Cuddy: (hugs cameron)
Cam: Thank you, im glad to see bạn again
Cuddy: Come with me there people that want to see you
Cam: Who? House and Chase, i dont think so
Cuddy: What are bạn talking about, Chase has been worried about bạn since bạn left
Cam: Didnt seem that yesterday
Cuddy: bạn met him yesterday?
Cam: Yes and..
Cuddy: I dont want to know is not on my business

Cuddy entered in House office and they were all there, including Chase

House: What bạn want Cuddy?
Cuddy: Look...
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On wednesday I went to Sharbet's expecting that Chase had received my letter but i knew he wasn't going to come, he hated me.
But life surprise bạn when bạn are not expecting that, because that day:

Chase: Allison?
Cam: Chase, bạn are here
Chase: yes, bạn invited me, dont remeber
Cam: Yes i do but...
Chase: bạn werent waiting for me

He was there with me and i cant belive it, he was the person i tình yêu the most and we were together after all that time apart.
Chase was different maybe he still in tình yêu with me but he had changed, when we first saw eachother i thought he was gonna hug me hoặc Kiss me but he...
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I was wondering how are bạn today. I miss bạn but i have decided to follow what bạn đã đưa ý kiến to me the night we were lockdown. bạn remember? bạn told to di chuyển on and that´s what i will do from now on.

Still loving you, Chase

Everything started with this letter. A simple letter that Chase wrote to me after we separate, he wrote many letters, but he never sent one until this one. and how i know they exist, because he told me then and i read them but that is another story, not the one i want to tell right now.

It was Sunday when i got this and it cause me a lot of trouble, becaause i didnt find...
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 The first máy bay ném bom for CC fans!!
The first bomber for CC fans!!
My fellow fans, my dear friends, I’ll say goodbye! After this article, everyone in this club will resent me and hate me forever! Yet I ‘m going to be a journalist so I shouldn’t be worrying about that. I must dare to write this!
I’ve watched House ever since it came out, and I was very emotionally involved with the characters ever since it had started. And certainly Chase has always been my ultimate yêu thích character in House, so to some of bạn that might sound biased, hoặc bizarre and twisted to come from a CC fan. But I have to let it out!
Anyways, I’ll stop stalling and get it over...
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