lâu đài Season three episode countdown (Round 20) Pick your LEAST favourite.

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3x13 Knockdown
3x22 To tình yêu and Die in L.A.
3x24 Knockout
3x11 Nikki Heat
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3x17 Countdown
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 Bones_Obsessor posted hơn một năm qua
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3x06 3xk
7. 3x12 Poof! You're Dead
8. 3x10 The Last Call
9. 3x18 One Life To Lose
10. 3x07 Almost Famous
11. 3x21 The Dead Pool
12. 3x23 Pretty Dead
13. 3x16 Setup
14. 3x19 Law and Murder
15. 3x05 Anatomy of a Murder
16. 3x14 Lucky Stiff
17. 3x02 He's Dead, She's Dead
18. 3x20 Slice of Death
19. 3x01 A Deadly Affair
20. 3x09 Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind
21. 3x03 Under The Gun
22. 3x04 Punked
23. 3x15 The Final Nail
24. 3x08 Murder Most Fowl
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