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MissSpens posted on Aug 06, 2012 at 07:29PM
Wow, can you believe only 50 more days! So exciting!!

This week is all about the Extrordinary Beckett! Be thinking of your favorite Becket Moments and Quotes...

What is your Favorite Beckett Moment/Quote from SEASON 1???
 Wow, can bạn believe only 50 thêm days! So exciting!! This week is all about the Extrordinary Bec

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hơn một năm qua cstcastlecst said…
I loved the whole calling Castle "kitten", and when she appeard in Castle's book reading just to bother him at work and ended up mad at him for choosing the name Nikki Heat for the character. Also the poker game and when she told him about her mother. I loved all those times when Beckett was being "mean" to Castle
hơn một năm qua cstcastlecst said…
Love this scene with Lanie form the first episode

Kate: No signs of struggle. He knew her.
Lanie: Even bought her flowers. Who says romance is dead?
Kate: I do. Every Saturday night.
Lanie: A little lipstick wouldn't hurt

I feel like should put every quote and moment from Beckett in here because she's awesome and it's impossible to choose just a few ones :D
hơn một năm qua drewjoana said…
Well thats probably my fave word that she said to Castle, was she called Kitten, that was so sweet!!!!
hơn một năm qua MissSpens said…
I know there are so many quotes I like... I like the "lipstick" and "kitten" one!! I also like it when Castle was talking about marriage and she says... "I'm more of a one and done kind of girl". She's so cute - she's also a one writer girl! I like that about her!
hơn một năm qua drewjoana said…
Season 1 Episode 1: "Pilot"

Castle:It seems like I've got a fan.
Beckett:Ya a really deranged fan.
Castle:oh you don't look that deranged to me.
Castle:Hell Hath No Fury? Angry wickens out for blood? Only hard core Castle groupies read that one.

[I love the first episode, its such a line blast;)]
hơn một năm qua drewjoana said…
Season 1 Episode 7: "Home is Where the Heart Stops"

Esposito:Nice dress.
Beckett:I would let you borrow it Esposito but you stretched out the last one.

[Great Line!!!]
hơn một năm qua drewjoana said…
From the same episode:

Beckett:Oh so many layers to the Beckett onion however will you peel them all.
hơn một năm qua marakii said…