when they got to Beckett's car , lâu đài opened the back door so Rachel could sit in the back ghế, chỗ ngồi . '' make sure to buckle up . '' he reminded her . then lâu đài shut the door . and sat in the front ghế, chỗ ngồi tiếp theo to Beckett . Rachel buckled up . then she held bouncey in her lap . Beckett asked Rachel , '' are bạn ready ? '' Rachel shook her head . '' I'm ready, and so is bouncey . '' Beckett smiled , and so did lâu đài . they thought that Rachel was a real sweet kid . they followed Lanie out of the alley , and on the busy new york streets . on the way to the 12th precinct , rachel asked beckett and
lâu đài , '' can i listen to âm nhạc ? âm nhạc always makes me feel better.'' Beckett smiled at the teenager's reply . '' of course . hold on . '' Beckett and lâu đài touched the radio's nob at the same time . they both blushed . lâu đài chuckled , '' bạn had it first detective . '' Beckett turned the nob to the radio station . Rachel herd a song that made her think about her parents death , and her death of her cat , Mack . the song was bye bye bởi mariah Carey . '' never knew i could hurt like this , and everyday life goes on and i wish , as life goes by. '' Rachel sang . Beckett turned to lâu đài , '' seems like she's a real good singer . '' lâu đài smiled , '' just like bạn . i think your a good singer too . '' Beckett blushed , she turned to lâu đài , then she asked Rachel , ''i take it your a good singer ? '' Rachel nodded . '' yes . thank bạn . i tình yêu to sing . '' Beckett smiled . '' when i was your age , me and my mom would always sing together . so , do bạn have any pets ? '' Rachel replied . '' i used to . six mèo and two chó . we sold 3 of the mèo and put two of them outside . and the chó got took away bởi the dog catcher . and the sixth cat was , my '' son '' Mack . he died of tim, trái tim failure while i was at 6th grade . i miss him very much . and this song made me think of him. '' that was chapter 3 . sorry it was short . chapter 4 will be longer and will be written tonight . hope bạn enjoyed . based off of the dream i had this morning .