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posted by HaleyDewit
Meg was sitting in front of the mirror in the bathroom of Dorothy’s apartment. She was putting up makeup when the door opened and a woman came in.
“Hi” she đã đưa ý kiến as she walked towards her. “My name’s Heather” she introduced herself and she pulled a chair and sat down. “I hear it’s your first night. How are bạn feeling? Are bạn nervous?”
“No” Meg said. “Maybe, I don’t know”
“You’ve had sex before, right?” Heather checked.
“Yeah, of course” Meg responded.
“Okay” Heather đã đưa ý kiến relieved. “This is not a way to lose your virginity”
“Are bạn trying to give me some kind of pep talk?” Meg asked.
“Yes” Heather admitted. “And to give bạn this” She put something in Meg’s hands. Meg opened her hand and looked at the white pill. “To get bạn through your first night”
“I take it it’s not an aspirin” Meg đã bình luận sarcastically. She put the pill in her mouth and swallowed.
posted by HaleyDewit
Cas opened the door of the motel and heard Dean sigh a relieved sigh.
“Took bạn long enough” he said, but he didn’t sound annoyed. He sounded like he had been worried.
“I’m sorry” Cas responded. “I had to make sure Meg would be okay”
“And will she?” Sam asked with raised eyebrows.
“Yes” Cas nodded with a faint smile. “She’s trying to make something of her life. She even has a job”
Dean, who had just taken a sip from his beer, choked. Cas frowned and walked towards him. “Are bạn alright, Dean?” “Yeah” Dean đã đưa ý kiến difficult and coughed. “So, Meg has a job....
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posted by HaleyDewit
Anna was standing outside, waiting for Kevin to hiển thị up. She had called him and she knew he could hear her. So it was just a matter of time and good will until he answered her.
“I was wondering when you’d be reaching out” Kevin đã đưa ý kiến from behind the angel. Anna quickly turned around.
“Do bạn know why I’m here?” she asked.
“I have a suspicion” Kevin replied. “Does it involve a tablet?”
“You can keep the tablet, but bạn can’t stay with Crowley. It’s dangerous. Whatever he promised you, he’s lying about it. He’s a demon, the moment bạn cease to be of use, you’re...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Jo and Dean were waiting for Cas to come back, so they could leave. Sam was in another room, on his laptop, đọc the online news papers to find out if anything out of the ordinary had happened. Ellen was in yet another room, cleaning the weapons, while she was thinking of a reason to convince Jo to come trang chủ with her, instead of putting her life on the line when she went with Dean and Sam.
Their bags were packed, all they could do was wait until Cas came back. Sam walked out his room and joined Dean and Jo.
“I think I have something” he started. “In Cornell, Wisconsin. Woman tells...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Crowley and Balthazar were standing opposite each other. Balthazar had summoned Crowley to have a one on one chat about Kevin.
“You must possess an incredible amount of nerve to meet me here on your own” Crowley đã đưa ý kiến mundane.
“We’re kind of short on angels” Balthazar replied. “I know your time’s precious, so is mine, so let me cut to the chase, shall I?”
“Please” Crowley answered uninterested.
“You have something that belongs to us” Balthazar started.
“You mean the tablet?” Crowley asked with raised eyebrows. “Or Kevin?”
“Both” Balthazar answered.
“And you...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Meg opened the door of her motel room to let Cas in. Cas widened his eyes. “Did bạn paint your hair?” he asked, glaring at the blonde wisps on Meg’s head.
“No, I woke up like this” Meg replied sarcastically. “The correct term is ‘dye’, bởi the way” She walked back into the motel and Cas followed her.
“I like it. It’s shorter, but I like it” Cas đã đưa ý kiến and he reached for Meg’s hair, but she pulled away.
“So, eh, why are bạn here? I thought you’d moved back to Dean and Sam” Meg asked casual, while she consciously tried to avoid looking at Cas. “You two lovebirds...
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posted by HaleyDewit
One week later.

Whatever it was that had made Cas so ill, it looked like it was gone now. Anna had been right. He didn’t need their help. Still it had been terrifying for Sam and Dean to see their friend suffering like that and not being able to help.
But Cas’ condition had made Dean set a few things in motion. He and Sam had been to the city hall at night, when the place was empty, and Sam had broken into the computer to make some legal papers for Cas.
“This is your ID” Dean đã đưa ý kiến when he handed the ID card to Cas. “Your last name is Novak. Hope bạn don’t mind”
Cas accepted the...
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Sam opened the door to their motel room and then hurried back to Dean. They carried Cas inside and laid him on the bed.
“I’ll get something cold” Sam đã đưa ý kiến and he ran into the kitchen. Dean opened the upper buttons of Cas’ áo sơ mi as Sam came back with a cold and wet washcloth. He laid it on Cas’ forehead and Cas shivered.
“Cas?” Dean frowned scared, but Cas’ eyes remained shut. Dean looked helplessly at Sam.
“Maybe it’s the organs” Sam suggested. “You know, his kidneys hoặc his liver. Maybe his body can’t adjust to them very well”
“Then why didn’t he get sick before?...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Meg was standing in front of a modern looking building. She pressed the intercom tiếp theo to the door.
“Yes?” a female voice answered and Meg recognized it.
“Good evening, …ma’am” Meg said. Politeness was something new to her. “We met this afternoon, outside the temp job office. bạn đã đưa ý kiến bạn might have work for me”
A short silence followed.
“Of course” the woman đã đưa ý kiến slowly. “Why don’t come in? Just up the stairs” The woman hung up and a buzzing sound was heard. Meg pushed the door open and walked up the white stairs which was right in front of her.
Upstairs the woman was...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Meg was sleeping on the couch. She was so bored she had fallen asleep. She abruptly woke up when someone was banging the door and she had to get up.
“What?” she asked grumpy when she saw Anna standing in the doorway.
“Can I come in?” she asked as she entered the motel room. Meg raised her eyebrows as she closed the door. “We need to talk” Anna đã đưa ý kiến casual. “You probably wonder why I didn’t fly into your motel room”
“Not really, no” Meg đã bình luận uninterested. “What do we have to talk about?” she asked slightly nervous. Now that she was a human, thiên thần really scared...
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posted by HaleyDewit
If Dean and Sam had hoped Cas would be in a better mood after putting some thực phẩm in his stomach, their hopes were now buried very deep into the ground. After finishing his lunch he threw his plastic plate on the floor.
“Why did bạn do that?” Sam hissed, as he leaned to the floor to pick up the garbage. Cas shrugged. “You’re diễn xuất really odd, Castiel. Has anyone told you?” Sam đã đưa ý kiến a little annoyed. Cas shrugged again. “Stop…shrugging. If this is about Meg, then just tell me”
“I don’t have to tell bạn anything” Cas replied with his gravelle voice. He stood and as Sam wanted...
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posted by HaleyDewit
“Your résumé is extremely…blank” the man in the temp job office noticed as he looked at the paper Meg had được trao him. She had written it this morning. “You’ve worked as a nurse in a mental clinic for some weeks. Do bạn have a degree as a nurse?”
“Yeah” Meg nodded. “I should’ve brought it with me”
“Why don’t bạn go trang chủ and come back with your degree. Then, maybe, I can do something for you” the man said.
“All right” Meg answered and she got up. She turned around and left the office. She leaned against the tường and took a deep breath. She didn’t have a degree....
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posted by HaleyDewit
Dean, Cas and Sam were standing in an open field. There was a low tường at the end of the field and Sam had placed some cans on it.
Dean showed Cas how to prepare a gun and then made a few shots at the cans. He didn’t miss one.
“You’re really good at this” Cas đã đưa ý kiến admiring. Dean handed the weapon to him. “Your turn”, he said, when Sam had put the cans back and stepped away from the tường as far as possible. He didn’t really trust Cas with a gun.
Cas aimed the gun at the walls and fired and missed.
“I think bạn just killed a tree” Sam joked. “If I were you, I’d hide for...
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posted by HaleyDewit
The tiếp theo morning.
Cas woke up on the đi văng of Meg’s motel. He slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes. Light shone through the curtains and Cas stood up and walked to them to open them. Dean’s Impala was parked across the street.
Meg ticked on the side windows of Dean’s car and Dean jumped up. He frowned and blinked to remember where he was. When he did, he turned the window down.
“What are bạn doing here so early?” Meg asked.
“What’s in the bag?” Dean nodded at the small paper bag Meg was holding in her right hand.
“Breakfast” Meg replied short.
“Thanks, bạn shouldn’t have”...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Dean parked the Impala in front of the motel Meg was staying. “Are bạn sure about this?” he asked, turning to Cas.
Cas nodded. “Thank you” he đã đưa ý kiến hoarse. “For not telling Sam” Dean didn’t comment, but loosened his ghế, chỗ ngồi thắt lưng, vành đai and got out of the car. He walked around it, when Cas stepped out too.
“No, wait here” Dean said. “Let me go first”
“She’s not very happy with you, right now. I might have to use a little persuasion” Dean explained.
“What kind of persuasion?” Cas asked suspicious.
“Just trust me, alright?” Dean replied. “I promise I won’t...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Dean entered the café Cas had left an giờ ago. Cas had called him bởi using speed dial, but then his phone dropped and all he could hear was a struggle and someone saying ‘I know you’
Dean had looked almost everywhere. He had been asking for him in eat café’s, restaurants, coffee shops, while he tried getting him on the phone.
He walked to the bar and tapped on it.
“Good evening, I’m looking for someone. A man, tall, dark hair, wears a trench coat” Dean described Cas.
The barkeeper, who knew who Dean was talking about, peeked at the three men who had returned. Then he turned back...
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Cas was sitting at a bàn in the corner of a café. He had sneaked out of the hospital shortly after Meg had left. Apparently Meg had được trao Dean his number, because his phone wouldn’t stop buzzing. But Cas didn’t want Dean’s company right now. He just wanted to be left alone.
Three men were lurking at him from the bar. Cas could feel their eyes on him and he looked up. They were mumbling to each other and if Cas had still been an Angel he would know what they were talking about. But now their whispered conversation remained a mystery to him.
He stood up and headed for the exit. He didn’t...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Jo parked the car in front of a cheap looking motel. The lights flickered, the windows were no longer see through and above the entrance there was a damaged board that once spelled the word ‘WELCOME’, but due to age and neglect only the first three letters were still readable.
“This is the best I could find” Jo said. She had find it a better idea if she had been the one taking Meg away. Dean and Meg in the same không gian was never a good idea, even if he did save her life.
“It’s good enough for me” Meg commented. She loosened her seatbelt and wanted to step out.
“Hang on” Jo said...
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posted by HaleyDewit
A couple of hours later Meg opened her eyes. She sat up, but regretted it immediately. She removed the sheets and pulled up her hospital khăn, tạp dề and discovered a bandage on her side.
“You have to leave it there” a gravelle voice said. Meg looked up and saw Cas standing in the doorway. “Are bạn still angry with me?” he asked careful.
“Yes” Meg đã đưa ý kiến insensitive.
“Are bạn scared Crowley will come after you?” Cas asked.
“He already did” Meg replied bitchy. She climbed out of bed. “Where are my clothes?”
“Why? What are bạn going to do?” Cas frowned confused.
“I can’t...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Cas carried Meg to the giường and lay her down. He removed her sweater and held his breath. On the place Kevin had hit there was a big gap and Meg was losing blood on a rapid pace. Cas turned to Dean, begging for help.
Dean looked down at the badly injured ex-demon. Meg had done countless of evil things. She deserved to die like this. The wound would get infected, she’d get a fever, and then she would die.
“Dean, do something!” Cas yelled desperate.
Dean rotated his head to his best friend, who leaned forward.
“She’s not breathing” Cas panicked.
Another few crucial giây passed by...
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