Back in May (2016) I was attending th fantaisie Basel, Switzerland's ComicCon, and learnt about this amazing web series.

The colorful and crazy aliens really caught my eye and it sounds really really good. Can't wait for this to be an actual thing.

The story (copied from website):
It's 2148. Planet earth teeters on the brink of collapse. Facing the obviously self-inflicted downfall, mankind has gathered in an unprecedented unity and built a gigantic mother ship to debark in tìm kiếm for a new trang chủ in the galaxy. As Humanity as a whole is about to depart forever, the Galactic Senate steps in.

Wait, what, who the hell is the Galactic Senate?

After the initial shock, mankind might not be the pinnacle of evolution, things get even worse. As stated in the galaxy charter, every newly discovered species has to be formally recognized as an intelligent life form before they can engage in negotiations to get anything. Beginning with parking tickets, getting travel visas to being granted asylum let alone colonizing an new planet. Human representatives must now come before the senate to present their case and ensure humanity's survival. In other words: Mankind is in deep shit.

What do bạn guys think? Does this upcoming web series stand a chance at earning your cartoon loving heart? It has already earned mine, so much so I am now helping get this project on the road (full-disclosure here :) )

Let us know what bạn think!