Hello everyone, and today, I want to talk about one of my most cherished childhood shows. That would be Ed Edd n Eddy. This hiển thị was about three kids, named Ed, Edd, and Eddy, who were always trying to scam the other kids of the cul-de-sac out of there money, only to fail in the end. The reason I loved this hiển thị was because of how real it felt, along with its colorful cast of characters, and well drawn atmosphere, and the witty humor. But, I thought to myself "What are my most yêu thích episodes"? So, today, I present to bạn my ten yêu thích Ed, Edd, n Eddy episodes. And remember, its all my opinion. With that, lets start the list.

10: One + One = Ed - Now, this episode is about where the Eds try to learn thêm about their world. Of course, they really don't know much until Ed turns a cây into cardboard. After which, weird things start to happen. Ed goes under a road, They walk in the background, Eddy eats the sun, they steal Jimmy's outline, They take Sarah's mouth, Johnny has Plank for a head, and Rolf has three heads. Yeah, its really weird. However, I loved this episode because of its wonderful use of animation, which this style has never been done before, and I tình yêu it that way

9: Ed Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jangle Jongle - Now, this was my yêu thích of the Ed Edd n Eddy specials. It was a giáng sinh special and it was one of the best written. It starts with Eddy looking at his giáng sinh presents, only to get a bunch of clothes. So, Eddy decided to put himself up for adoption to get presents. However, that leads to weird results. Like Johnny biting Eddy's nose, Rolf hát a musical number, and Eddy pretending to be a giáng sinh Angel to Jimmy, each with hilarious results. However, as this goes on, Eddy goes from being angry about not getting good presents to just being lonely. After which, he then says how he finally got giáng sinh spirit, hoặc as others would say, its a giáng sinh miracle. Then, Satan comes and gives everyone presents.... And then Eddy steals all the presents, which is a crazy twist to the usual giáng sinh cliches. And also, there is a side plot where the Kanker Sisters follow a glowing light, which this plot is supposed to represent the birth of Jesus and the ngôi sao of David... Now, this is good writing. MODERN CARTOON NETWORK WRITERS, TAKE SOME FUCKING NOTES!!!

8: Once Upon an Ed - Now, this is an episode that pretty much gives us a look at how the Eds see things. It starts out with the Eds getting stuck in Johnny's wall, and then they tell Johnny a giường time story. It starts with Eddy, who sees himself as this powerful respected man who is loved bởi everyone, pretty much mocking them in a way, like Kevin being a monkey, and Sarah screaming everything she says. After that story, Double D's story is next, as he sees the world as a better place, and even has his own jawbreaker, đòn bẩy bank. And Jimmy actually doesn't wear braces. However, Ed and Eddy are shown as savages that Double D has to deal with ngày in and ngày out, always trying to talk sense into them. After that, we get Ed's story, which is probably the most entertaining. It starts with the Kanker Sisters eating radiated mashed potato's and turning into monsters. This one shows Double D speaking nonsense, Eddy screaming insults, Kevin only saying Dork, and other such stuff. And this just uses so much of Eds crazy humor that I can sum it all up in one of Eddy's quotes. Ed, your stories getting weird. Weird, yes, but thats why I tình yêu it

7: Who Let the Ed In - Now, this episode really shows us some good childhood innocence. It starts with Ed playing with his imaginary friend, Jib. So, Eddy decided's to play for laughs with this for a while. However, it soon shows how Jib becomes a problem for Eddy's scams as Ed tells everyone that Jib says its all just a scam, which really angers Eddy. Soon, Eddy snaps, believing that Jib is real and tries to catch him. The results are hilarious. After Eddy tries to catch him, Jib beats Eddy to a pulp in amazing cartoon fashion. Not a lot to say about this episode, other then, it was wonderful to watch

6: The ngày the Ed Stood Still - Now, this is a hiển thị that really knows how to use a thêm serious conflict. Ed Edd n Eddy rarely uses serious conflicts, but when it does, bạn get results like this episode. The episode starts with the Ed's trying to make a small carnival, only to have Ed wreck it because he wants to be a monster. So, Eddy decided's to use this to his advantage and Double D gives Ed a monster costume. However, Ed gets so in to the costume that he becomes an actual monster and starts terrorizing the cul-de-sac. I think the best moment was how they kept the appearance of the monster a secret until it reached the episodes climax. Here, we get a good look at the monster, which I think is well drawn. So, after Eddy and Double D try to stop Ed, they head to his trang chủ where he has all the kids hanging from the tường bởi chewed up Chunky Puffs. I can't tell weather to laugh hoặc find that gross. But, in the end, it is a great episode over all

5: Tight End Ed - Now, this was one of the later season episodes. Not that they were bad, just that it was a sign that Ed Edd n Eddy was coming to an unfortunate close. But, this episode was still wonderful. It starts with all the boys practicing for football. Now, before I continue, I have to say I'm not a big sports fan. Sorry, but its true. Also, I'm usually the kind of guy who will skip shows that are about sports. However, this episode was so funny that I decided to watch it anyway. Here, Ed later becomes the mascot for his team. And since Eddy sees this as a way to make him better, he tries to steal Ed's spotlight, only to fail... several times. Meanwhile, the team is getting beaten badly bởi the opposing team, and they lose in the end, but Ed still tries to be happy all the way through, and he still makes us all laugh

4: Out With the Old, In With the Ed - Now, here is an episode most những người hâm mộ have been dreading since ngày one of the show... The Eds going back to school. Actually, the episode was well written and I loved it. It starts with Double D practicing getting ready for school, in amazing cartoon fashion, I might add. However, it shows that it is July, and the kids are still enjoying summer. IT is then shown that Eddy used all sorts of machines, like a weather machine to produce summer heat and a machine to make bird noises. He even painted every last leaf green. Soon, a storm comes and it shows that it is not summer, but rather fall. And the kids are not prepared for school tomorrow. So, they do what the kids would normally do. Break down Double D's door with a battleaxe and take his school supplies. And yes, it is funny. So, Ed and Eddy try to keep summer alive, but no one else seems to care. After which, they get to school and we see Rolf is very glum. Kind of like me on the first ngày of school. But, another problem emerges. The Eds are assigned separate homerooms. So, they strike a deal with the Kanker Sisters to get the same homeroom, but only if they embarrass themselves in front of the other kids. Now, this episode is well shown as something we were all dreading, but it shows to not be much of a problem. Now, that is good nghề viết văn right there. HEY, MODERN CARTOON NETWORK WRITERS!!! bạn TAKING NOTES YET!!!

3: They Call Him Mr. Ed - Now, this is an episode that also uses childhood innocence, as it shows the Eds making a fake business. It starts with Eddy telling ed and Double D that they want to go "up". So, they make a business, and in the background, bạn can see Ed adding to the elevator then entire episode. That there is good humor. Soon, the other kids come bởi and are interested in the business and ask to join. Soon, it is all ruined right after Eddy accidently uses the word "Pay" and all the kids quit. Here, it shows a business that is going downhill fast and how the business tries to go "up", like the Eds going up the elevator. And they went up alright. All the way up to the moon, and goddamn, its funny

2: Button Your Ed - Now, this episode really knows how to use humor. It starts with Eddy losing his voice bởi having a fly get lodged in his voice box. So, Ed and Double D give Eddy a chuông, bell to communicate with them. They then run into Rolf, who agrees to help them, which results in doing stuff Eddy doesn't want to do. Like feeding him a squid, swimming, freezing Eddy in his room, and even preforming the Unicycle of Doom, which has Eddy get shot from a giant slingshot ridding a unicycle. I like how the jazz âm nhạc in the background greatly uses this to hiển thị how Eddy's temper is at the moment. Still, if bạn want a good laugh, this episode knows how to do it.

1: Take This Ed and Shove It - Now, this episode is my yêu thích for many reasons. Other then the movie, this episode is the darkest that Ed Edd n Eddy has ever gotten. It starts with the Eds selling Balloon Poochies, which fails as the kids find it to childish for them. This then shows the Eds realizing that the kids are growing up. So, Eddy uses this to his advantage, like many times before, and decides to give the kids there own career tests, and with that, they earn enough money and celebrate bởi buying jawbreakers. However, the kids actually believe in the test results and actually take the career's. So, Nazz, being a dentist, locks the jawbreakers in a drawer. After they distract her, they take the bàn and take it back home, to try and open it. After which, Eddy gets in a huge accident and then, he realizes he's old. HE then sees that all the kids are old. Like One hundred and nineteen years old. So, Eddy believe's that if they are able to get the jawbreakers out and eat them, they will be young again. So, Ed tries to break it open, in a very comedic way. However, once Eddy comes back, the jawbreakers are turned to dust, and Eddy starts having a mental breakdown. After word, Eddy wakes up and finds out it was all a dream... Then, Eddy wakes up again as an old person and realizes he and everyone else really is old, and thats how the episode ends. Now, I tình yêu this episode, because it shows how an adult can still have a childhood innocence and can still experience that same innocence again, which this episode does well, and it stays true to its young audience, but is also being mature to its adult audience, who can have memories of their childhood, bởi watching this episode, and that is why it is my yêu thích Ed Edd n Eddy episode ever.

So, there it is. My hàng đầu, đầu trang ten yêu thích episodes of Ed Edd n Eddy. Did bạn agree. Which episode did bạn want to see. Tell me below if bạn like. With that, I will see bạn all tiếp theo time