Ed Edd n Eddy was a Cartoon that made my Childhood perfect i just totally was in tình yêu with this cartoon and also it's created bởi Danny Antonucci it first aired on cartoon network on January 4th 1999 and ended with the finale movie Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture hiển thị on November 8th 2009. so it ran for 10 years and it had total of 130 Episodes 26 total 4 Specials and the movie to end the series offically and fun fact this hiển thị is the Longest Running Orignial Animated series on Cartoon Network beyond the other cartoon hoạt hình that didn't last but ed edd n eddy is totally the longest and it's really the longest because it had been on cartoon network since it first aired the hiển thị is about 3 boys called the eds of course similar to the three stooges trying be liked in the cul-de-sac bởi scamming kids out of their money every scam sometimes can be a failure hoặc a sucess and they do this bởi buying their yêu thích kẹo of all Jawbreakers! they are big as a bóng rổ and they are so juicy sweet and good the characters include: Kevin the neighborhood jock and is cruel and rude sometimes and rides a bike all the time and hates the eds and calls them a dork. Rolf a boy who Works hard on a farm who is from the old country and does some weird stuff and eats weird thực phẩm he has.Johnny who is a weird kid has a friend who is a piece of wood name plank. Sarah ed's mean little sister who has to be a boss of him. Jimmy Sarah's wimpy crybaby friend. Nazz the tình yêu interest that all the boys except jimmy hoặc rolf have a crush on. and last but not least the kanker sisters may lee & marie they live in a trailer park on the otherside of the culdesac and nobody likes them ether becuase there trash hillbilly girls that nobody wants to be with and they also Just Bother and are in tình yêu with the Eds too. this hiển thị was my yêu thích cartoon growing up and i watched every single episode and the end of season 4. and also another fun fact the seasons where season 1-4 took place in Summer where the kids of the cul-de-sac did some cool stuff on vacation and Season 5 took place in Autumn time Fall where they had to go to school which i didn't like becuase summer was over when season 4 ended but i still liked i mean what i'm saying is that why make them go to school in season 5? anyway it will live on as the greatest shows of all time i will remember. i tình yêu Season 1 and 4 because it took place in Summer i did like season 5 a little bit but i just didn't like the school episodes becuase it was in fall but this is still my yêu thích childhood cartoon i ever seen before. i do want to mention some episodes i liked that was my yêu thích so i wanna name the episodes i liked of this hiển thị Honor thy Ed that episode was about them going into a abandoned hauted house in the cul-de-sac. The ngày the Ed Stood Still was a very great best episode. Ed n Seek i liked that episode becuase it's about how kids played a game hide and seek. very creative too. and Urban Ed when they made a city called edtropolis i like that episode as well. and onemore was Dawn of the Eds that was about them becoming spaceoutlaws when they try to see a movie called robot rebel ranch. so that was a few episodes i mentioned of the hiển thị i loved but EEn"E is gonna live on as the Greatest Longest Running most successful hoạt hình on Cartoon Network. 1999-2009 and i loved the finale movie as well to end the series on a good note and Ed Edd n Eddy was one of Cartoon network's last hoạt hình to end since it lasted on cartoon network that long so Ed Edd n Eddy is Cartoon Network's best Sucessful long-running hiển thị ever and it's the longest running sucessful franchises and hoạt hình up to date. and the grade i give it is a A+ 10\10. i will always tình yêu this hiển thị no matter what Ed Edd n Eddy is now At Number 1 as the longest running united states animated series because 10 years is a good run for 1999 and ended in 2009. So Ed Edd n Eddy still Gets an A+ Meaning it's Perfect and the Best! Ed Edd n Eddy is Antonucci's best work and cartoon network's most được ưa chuộng show.