THE kẹo kẹo Gô tích MOVIE
bởi Lady Sybilla




The full moon hangs low in the sky, half covered with gray clouds. It is foggy, and the wind howls as though enraged.

A HOODED FIGURE rides like the wind on a white horse. The sky roars with thunder.

A storm is approaching. As we di chuyển in on the rider, we realize it is A YOUNG WOMAN. Her hooded áo choàng is made of burgundy velvet, Victorian-Gothic style. She is obviously a lady of high society.

We see her face. It is kẹo CANDY.

As her horse races up a winding dirt road, we see that she is chasing after A BLACK CARRIAGE.

In the distance we see a MEDIEVAL lâu đài on a mountaintop.

The carriage advances fast towards the castle.

We can tell bởi the horrified look on Candy's face that she is a damsel in distress. She lashes her horse with a whip to make it go faster, but the horse can't keep up. Four strong black ngựa are pulling the carriage, and they're way ahead of them. Her horse doesn't stand a chance.

She arrives at the WROUGHT IRON GATES and pulls the reins back on the horse to make it stop. The horse rears up without warning and it almost drops her backwards, but she hangs on to the reins for dear life.

As she finally gets the horse to calm down, she realizes it's too late. The carriage is already past the gates.

In one nhanh, swift move, she climbs off the horse.

As she tries to open the gates, she notices they are locked. They're tightly secured with a heavy chain and a padlock. We see panic in her eyes.

Through the gates, she sees the black carriage getting closer and closer to the castle.

(screaming at the hàng đầu, đầu trang of her lungs)
Albert! Albert, wait please!

She shakes the gates several times, trying to loosen the chains and searching frantically for a way to get in. But there is no use. The gates have sharp spikes that make it impossible for her to even attempt to climb over them.

They're evidently made to keep people out. To make the lâu đài impenetrable.

kẹo looks up at the trees nearby and spots a tall one with long, gnarly branches that stretch all the way across the hàng đầu, đầu trang of the tường surrounding the property.

Without hesitation, she pulls the horse toward the cây and gets back on the saddle. From there, she reaches for a branch and pulls herself up to climb the tree.

As she gets close to the hàng đầu, đầu trang of the wall, she hangs from the branch and takes a leap to the other side.

She lands on a rose garden and cuts herself with a thorn. A deep gash appears across her forearm. The wound starts bleeding. She writhes in pain and screams but no one seems to be around to hear her.

Just then, the rain begins to fall.

A vàng chain hangs around her neck with a locket. She opens the locket. There's a clock inside it. She checks the time. It's five phút 'till midnight.

Clenching her teeth in agony, she springs up from the ground and takes off running towards the castle, blood still dripping from her wound.


She arrives at the front entrance of the castle. Surrounding it is a bleak garden full of statues and a đài phun nước in the center.

The place appears forlorn and abandoned.

The carriage is parked outside the entrance, off to the side of the garden.

kẹo approaches the carriage, but no one is there, not even the conductor.

She then runs around the side of the lâu đài to the backyard.


THE CONDUCTOR of the carriage intercepts her and stands in her way.

Miss Candy, what are bạn doing here?

kẹo struggles to get past him, but it's no use. The man won't let her.

Let me through.

Who told bạn we were here?

I figured it out. Now let me talk to Albert.

The master gave me specific instructions not to let anyone in.

I need to talk to him.

She tries to break free from the man's grasp, but he won't budge.

(looking at her wound)
You're hurt, milady. Please let me take bạn to the hospital.

I'm not going anywhere until I talk to Albert.

He has an appointment. He can't see bạn right now.


He's busy.

Tell him I know about the duel.

(taken aback)
How did bạn find out?

That's not important. I'm here to stop him.

I'm truly sorry, milady, but it's too late. They're already preparing.

kẹo grows desperate. She screams.

Albert! I know bạn can hear me.

We hear FOOTSTEPS approaching. For a second, the conductor turns around to see who's coming, and kẹo takes advantage of his temporary distraction. She kicks him in the stomach, and the man falls to the ground, gasping for air.

ALBERT comes running, gun in hand.

Candy! How did bạn find me? What happened to your arm?

Why did bạn lie to me?

I didn't lie.

Why didn't bạn tell me about the duel?

bạn know?

Of course I know. Who lives here?

Albert lowers his head and doesn't answer.

kẹo (CONT'D)
Tell me. Who's this man you're dueling against?

Don't force me to be rude. bạn need to leave immediately.

Why did bạn agree to this? Don't bạn know bạn can get killed?

It's a risk I must take. I gave him my word.

Who's your opponent?

(ignoring her, talking to the conductor)
John, bạn need to take her away from here now. She needs a doctor.

I'm a nurse! I can take care of myself.

John gets up from the ground and tries to restrain her, but kẹo resists.

kẹo (CONT'D)
Get your hands off me!

Don't listen to her, John. Take her now.

Just as John starts dragging kẹo towards the carriage, the silhouette of A TALL MAN steps out of the shadows.


kẹo almost faints as recognition sets in.

We see the man's face as he comes into the light. It is TERRY GRANDCHESTER.


I'm sorry, Candy.

bạn . . . you're his opponent?

Yes . . . And I'm the one who challenged him.

To be continued . . .

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