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 Willow and Tara
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I have something of a problem with Buffy's relationship with the Scoobies:


I just finished watching the Season 3 episode, (3.07) "Revelations". I find myself recalling the scene in which the Scoobies reveal to Buffy that they know that Angel was still alive and she had been keeping his presence a secret from them. Apparently, Xander had decided to spy on Buffy, due to her secretive nature and found her kissing Angel.

Now, I realize that they had a right to be angry that she failed to tell them about Angel being alive. But . . . God, this scene pissed me...
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Spike & Buffy from Buffy the vampire slayer
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Made bởi buffyproductions, all footage belongs to Whedon, WB, FOX, etc. Song is I Kissed A Girl bởi Katy Perry.
i kissed a girl
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"A fun BtVS video about some of the different couples hoặc potential couples on Buffy. :) " Made bởi BuffyXenaDQFan
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Ok, so I don't know if anybody else will be interested in this, but I want to rank the seasons in order from my yêu thích to my least favorite, and explain why. Here we go:

Season 2: Do I even need to say why I tình yêu this season? I loved the increase in Bangel and the introduction of Spike. I am not as big a người hâm mộ of Angelus as some people, but I think his introduction lead to one of the best season finales of the series. I also started to really like Kendra, which made the finale even sadder for me.

Season 7: I feel like this season started off a little slow, but it did almost immediately give us...
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1. Uh, one word: Spike.

2. Action. I'm a sucker for those fast paced, down-and-dirty fist fights!

3. Character development. Watching shy, scrawny, 10th graders turn into strong, powerful, adults is very engrossing, bạn must admit.

4. Romance & drama. Who doesn't tình yêu complex tình yêu triangles, hot sex scenes, and intimate relationships? It doesn't hurt to thrown in some gypsy curses and werewolf complications either.

5. Humor. I enjoy a good LOLing.

6. Fantasy. Magic and warlocks, demons and vampires, are all a part of the Buffy package.

7. Message. Who's for feminism?

8. Vampires. Anything...
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