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 7x09 - Never Leave Me
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Season 6

1.) Disc 2- Click on "Once More, With Feeling". Click on "Language Selection". di chuyển your cursor to the left of the word, "SUBTITLES" and a glowing yellow B appears. It is a video clip with funny extras and behind the scenes of OMWF release of the soundtrack signing, with Joss Whedon, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Amber Benson.

2.) Disc 5- Click the episode "Normal Again". Click on "Language Selection." di chuyển your cursor to the left of the word, "SUBTITLES" and a glowing yellow B appears and bạn can click on it. It tells bạn bạn can download a call sheet.
****to do that, close out of windows...
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From the trước đó storylines, Spike and Buffy were now reunited in Rome, from troubles of Buffy's addictive relationship with Spike in the past.

The couple is starting to get the back of lung lay, swing of things. Buffy and Faith are still training the new potential slayers from all over the world. The have been finding new slayers with wicked bad attitude adjustments. Faith took take care of that it.

The tiếp theo day, Buffy got a call from Angel that he needs her and Spike's help to defeat a dangerous demon called "Chaos Demon"that can only be killed bởi one slayer and her two vampire lovers. Angel figures...
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 This can't be true!
This can't be true!
As we know there is going to be a reboot on BTVS.I don't know what to say.Ok I am a little happy because I will see The scooby gang coming back to life again.I will see many of my dead favourite characters alive again such as Anya, Tara and Joyce.But the problem is; no thêm Sarah Michelle Gellar hoặc James Marsters hoặc even Michelle Trachtenberg.
And the câu hỏi is; Who is going to play? I can't consider a better Xander than before.Even Pr.Snyder was perfect!Ok.Let's say there will be actors for the scoobies.What about Buffy?I heard a rumour about Megan cáo, fox playing Buffy.
Oh please!
She has nothing to do with Buffy.
Who will be Buffy? Sarah Michelle Gellar made me believe that she is the only real Buffy.And this is the truth.Megan cáo, fox hoặc anyone else will be just a copycat!

So the final câu hỏi is; Do the Buffy những người hâm mộ want to be a reboot? hoặc they wish BTVS was, is and will be only one?
I've been seeing something different about the two characters. Buffy a slayer who is off track with her slayage and Spike a vampire with a government chip in his head and fallen in tình yêu with Buffy.


Buffy and Spike's relationship in this season was about understanding,compassion,denial,feelings developing so quickly and rape. Buffy who was brought back to life bởi her own Những người bạn being ripped out of "Heaven" crawling out her grave. Feeling very shacky,and disoritented from crawling a grave. Spike his character about having that bad boy act around Buffy, making her feel for him very sexual....
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