A wonderful slayer life introducing our yêu thích slayer of all Buffy Summers.

In the beginning slayer life for Buffy Summers. Starts with having new dreams, school, friends, a mysterious Angel vampire with a soul. and great watcher. She was expanding her life in Sunnydale. Buffy tình yêu her new trang chủ in Sunnydale California. She incounter "The Master" the oldest vampire, a challege for her, she experience death from learning the prophercy that Giles for told Buffy about. Somehow it change her and skills as the slayer.

In her một giây year, she was getting along with all the students in SunnyD. She incounter Spike & Drusilla, a vampire cult that has history behind Angel's past. Buffy experience loosing two things in her một giây year, one was: Loosing her virginity with Angel. After the experience Angel Mất tích his soul from a moment of pure happiness. Buffy realize she will never get her lover back the way it was. Until Ms.Jenny Calendar(Gyspy) who has the cure for Angel's soul. The một giây thing was Alcatha an old demon that would bring the world to end. Buffy wants to stop Angel, Drusilla and Spike from being hell to loose. When Buffy had a strange alliance from Spike to help her to stop Angel and save his beloved Drusilla. Buffy did bởi sacrificing her one tình yêu Angel from the world destruction.

In her third year, she moved to "Los Angelos" from all the stress of killing her beloved Angel and abandoned her mother of knowing that she is the slayer. After Buffy help a young women to a stop a demon cult of taking young people's lives of slavery. Buffy was ready to be back at Sunnydale. She was still feeling guilty of killing Angel*Dreams about Angel*.. Buffy wants to start all over again getting her life back. She force Principal Synder to get back at SHS. Buffy was back until she incounter a rogue slayer "Faith Lehane" who has the acts of jealously of Buffy, and wants of Buffy. bởi stealing her Những người bạn and her own mother. After Buffy found out that Angel is back. She felt very frightened that whether hoặc not to touch Angel. On the other hand when Faith was fallen to the darkside she follow the Mayor's footsteps bởi taking over SunnyDale. Faith wants some piece of Angel. bởi giving him pure happiness. However it worked bởi a spell. Then we all know that it was an act to get information about the Mayor's plans.

Faith wants revenge bởi shooting Angel with a poison Mũi tên xanh right after the breakup with Angel and Buffy. Buffy still loves Angel and she gave up her own life bởi saving his.

College năm for both Willow Rosenberg and Buffy Summers, with players, experiencing new sex and new boyfriend. Buffy met Riley Finn who works for a secert underground miltary that studies Demonology of experimenting them. Like our fella Spike who can't kill any human being from the active chip in his head. When Buffy start a new demon free boyfriend she was feeling better and moving on from Angel. However when Angel came back and wants forgiveness from Buffy of her last visit in LA. Angel met Riley her boyfriend "HELLO JEALOUSLY & COMPETITION...LOL.Buffy was glad the Angel came back with fresh start.Then after the troubles with Adam. Buffy first incounter "The First Original Slayer", who told her she will find something deeper in the future.

FIFITH year. Buffy was feeling better and stronger, she first incounter "Count Dracula". After the battles of Dracula and knowing her power with fall in darkness.Buffy wants Giles to still her watcher. Then found a sister "Dawn" who is special to Buffy and must protect from Glory. Buffy was take force of defeating Glory and discover her mother has "Brain Tumor". Buffy was feeling so overwhelmed over Dawn and her mother's illness. Then Buffy's relationship with Riley was falling apart, because Riley doesn't understand the words "Family Emergencies". Like he feels that she was to concern with her mother and Dawn. Which is fine, but not for Riley. After the breakup Buffy found a shocking discovery that her mortal enemy Spike is fallen in with her. But she feels that Spike would be a great for her to protect Dawn of Glory(so cute). When Buffy was trying to di chuyển on after her mother's death, she promise her mother that will protect Dawn all times. Buffy sacrifice herself to save Dawn's of learning her gift.

SIXITH YEAR.OMG...The Scooby Gang rescurrected Buffy from the dead, when the world was fallen apart. She came back with feeling this is hell for her. Buffy came to only person to tell him her experiences of her death. Spike understands her and knows the truth. Buffy was trying to get her life back working at the DoubleMeat Palace and start unhealthy relationship with Spike. Just feel alive and thinks she was punished from being back. When Riley came back, he opened her eyes bởi seeing what she really is. Following her calling as a slayer and Spike's calling as a vampire with a crush on Buffy. After moments of her breakups with Spike. Spike wants her back rape. Buffy fought him off, and he got a soul for her.

FINAL YEAR.. Buffy was back and trying to the world for Dawn, new high school. Buffy discover that got offer as a Social Worker and Spike with a soul. She was feeling overwhelmed with The First and The Potential Slayers to lead them in battle. Buffy was tryin her best to hiển thị the girls to be slayers and risk their lives to save the world like she did for Seven Years. When Buffy was leading them danger, she got kicked out and got replaced bởi Faith. Buffy found a place, and Spike met up with to hiển thị her that she so much thêm than that...SO CUTE AND LOVELY. Spike opened her tim, trái tim with his. Buffy chose her champion Spike to save the world with the amulet that she got from Angel.