"Kinda feels like Dejavu"
"Not really, bạn told me to fight for me and I did, bạn never fought for me!"
"Why would I do that , Lucas? bạn cheated on me, with my former best friend...again! And even though bạn know how much this hurt me, bạn two are still together all the time and it kills me to see this. I asked bạn to stay away from her, but bạn don´t care. We broke up and it seems like bạn don´t really care, like bạn always wanted to be with her. So why would I fight for you, what should I do, run after bạn even though I know you´d rather to be with her? Even though I know my tim, trái tim would be broken again?” she looked him straight in the eyes.
“Brooke, why do bạn think I want to be with Peyton? I kissed her and I am really sorry, but she thought she would die and also bạn said, bạn didn´t break up with, because of Peyton and I still don´t know the reason and don't say it was because bạn stopped missing me. I know bạn Brooke just please, tell me the damn reason!” his voice was getting louder and louder.
“Just tell me the reason Brooke, I deserve to know the reason!” now he looked sad.
“There are many reasons, first of all I can´t trust bạn anymore…”
“Because Peyton kissed me? Brooke, I felt nothing when she kissed me, Peyton and I are just friends, We don't have feelings for each other. bạn can trust me and bạn can trust Peyton”, he looked into her eyes.
“You've gotta be kidding, i can trust bạn two? bạn cheated on me with her….twice and she told me she have feelings for you!” When she saw in his eyes, she swallowed.
“No bạn know, why I broke up with bạn and now bạn know that she is in tình yêu with you, so bạn can go to her now and then bạn two can get back together, because I know…”
“Wait…she told bạn she has feelings for me, while we were dating? how could she do that?”asked Lucas angrily.
“I…I don´t know, but…”, she paused
“You broke up with me, because Peyton told you, that she is in tình yêu with me, did bạn think that I still tình yêu her?” he asked.
“I know, that bạn still tình yêu her, luke. I mean, bạn and Peyton bạn are meant to be together and bạn two kissed and I knew that if she would tell you, what she feels, bạn would break up with me to be with her again. So I thought…” A tear ran down her cheek now “ I was just afraid of getting hurt again.”
“Oh Brooke, I am so sorry if I had known that I´d never had spent so much time with Peyton.”
“But bạn did and like I đã đưa ý kiến it killed me inside”, she cried.
“I know Brooke and I am so sorry and I can understand if bạn hate me now, but…I tình yêu bạn Brooke and I wanna be with bạn thêm than anything else. bạn are the tình yêu of my life, is there anything I can do, that…?” He felt so guilty.
Brooke bit her lip:” Why should I believe you?”
“Because…” He took a deep breath “ WE are meant to be and people who are meant to be together always find their way in the end, If bạn want me to avoid Peyton…I do, I would do anything for bạn Brooke, just say it and I´ll do it.”
Brooke smiled : “okay…then Kiss me!”
He smiled and kissed her passionately.
“I tình yêu you!” she whispered.
“I tình yêu bạn too…pretty girl and I am still the guy for you!”

I know my english is very bad I am from Germany and I am only 14 years old, so I am really sorry! But I just needed to write a better end from the episode, because I really hated the “ I am not the guy for you” line. Mark is such an ass.
So tell me what do bạn think?