He made her love, fall in love, believe she is able to be loved. He tình yêu that she was independent, smart, caring and had the biggest heart. He saw for who she is, broke down her walls and brought out a person no one ever saw before. And like every relationship, the truth is he had a lot to learn, had a lot to understand, had a lot to give up, and we all know he was to late, to see what was right in front of him. To him I always thought that he thought he wasn't good enough for someone so un-perfect but so perfect, someone with a tim, trái tim likes hers.
And they weren't epic like a fairy-tail, hoặc true tình yêu always,or special. They were amazing, tình yêu that can last FOREVER, They were epic because they weren't perfect,because they had troubles like everyone else, because there tình yêu was much deeper, so different then anything else. They weren't boring because they were one of the same. They were epic in there own way, with troubles, desire and passion. They cared about one another with grand hearts, and worried about the other.
They knew what the others passions, desires, hopes, dreams, wants and fears were. It wasn't about sex hoặc the want of it and people always assume that, that's all it was but deep down, when bạn hear there tim, trái tim to hearts, there fights, the way they look into each other in the eyes, the way they smile at one another, the way they say hello hoặc goodbye, the way he calls her pretty girl, and quả anh đào, anh đào and him broody.You can see how much they really loved each other.
Lucas changed Brooke for the better, made who she is now then before, he saved her from herself, from who she use to be. He made have saved peyton so many times, from death, from pain, but no one really realized that he only saved her in a thêm practical way. He saved Brooke in special way, a thêm amazing, tình yêu crushing way. He saved her from herself, before she was to Mất tích to come out of the dark hole. He saved her were no one else could, not even Peyton. He Showed her being who she is, is OK, and not bad hoặc wrong hoặc terrible. He showed her who she is on the inside is the most amazing thing.

People say that there tình yêu was high-school, but so were Leyton, Naley, and Jeyton, and they all say there tình yêu was amazing, so why use that excuse when all the other loves where from the start of high-school as well.
She đã đưa ý kiến that she would always tình yêu him, and will always care for him, and we all know he too would do the same, because when they looked into each others eyes and say i tình yêu you, and only as Những người bạn bạn can see them get Mất tích in those worlds, desire lights up in there eyes like a roaring fire, and bạn can truly see that they had once loved each other,...no not that they do tình yêu each other, they still tình yêu each other

They were an EPIC tình yêu that got taken away because one man, one person, and his tình yêu for the wrong couple.

And julian he's basically Lucas 2.0. He did all what lucas did, the whole alex thing, the i tình yêu you's, the make her dreams come true. he did it all, it was marks way of saying i couldn't give bạn Brooke and lucas, but how about a guy that looks and acts like lucas.. perfect...not.