Leyton cheating.

Every BL'er hates this obviously. It just seems so pathetic when bạn have to go around someones back to be with each other. People have the nerve to say Brooke was wrong for getting with Lucas! It's 100% PEYTON'S fought! She should've spoken up. It's not Brooke's place to not go out with a guy because she has a tiny suspicion that her bestfriend has feelings for him. Blah.

Lucas constantly being around Peyton when it's clear that it bothered Brooke.

I get Lucas wanting to talk to Peyton because that's his friend. But come on! Don't act all flirty with her when your girlfriend is still insecure about bạn cheating on her. And in 3x22 Brooke CLEARLY asked Lucas not to speak to Peyton and he did. He even went as far as to tell her she looked nice. Grr.

The Kiss in the thư viện AND not telling Brooke.

I know it seems cold-hearted to say that Peyton shouldn't of kissed him even if she was dying. But idk. I think the way they kissed was kind of unnecessary. But the worse part was that they didn't bother to tell her. I know Brooke gets upset when they're together, but she is a reasonable person and I believe she would've understood if they would've bothered to explain. But no she had to find out when Lucas accidentally told her. Yet another thing Peyton wasn't honest about.

Peyton punching Brooke and getting upset over her sleeping with Nathan.

Ok first of all. Neyton was broken up at the time so how is it really wrong? And Peyton did MUCH worse so how could she overreact like that?? It wasn't enough that she punched her, but then she treats her like crap, and possibly cause Chase to break up with her. Hypocrite.

4x15 fight [Breyton].

Like alot of LP'ers think the 3x22 fight was unfair for Peyton. I think this fight was a little unfair to Brooke. Yes, Brooke did get to yell at Peyton. It's just some of the things Peyton said. One that stands out is "You cut me out because I was honest with bạn and bạn were never ever honest with me."
I don't think it's fair to say something like that. Brooke has been honest with her. And Peyton hasn't. The cheating in season 1, the thư viện Kiss etc.

Peyton decides she loves Lucas again when BL are closer and happier than ever.

Ok, not saying she meant to wait till they were happy, but it sure seems like. It's like she saw how happy Brooke was with him so she had to have him again. I mean why not early season 2 when he wasn't with Brooke yet? *Sigh*

All the rewriting of history/forgetting some key BL moments/"Take backs"

"Who's standing tiếp theo to you" "Brooke"
"You're the one want beside me when all my dreams come. It's bạn Peyton"
I'm the guy for bạn Brooke Davis
I'm not the guy for bạn Brooke Davis
There's lots more...

Also Lucas calling Peyton "Pretty Girl" *Cringes*

And Lucas made the shot, then a few seasons later Lucas is telling Peyton they are destined. The destiny shot was just...forgotten. = '[

There's obviously so much thêm that annoys me about them, but I'll have to stop now. I may make a sequel to this. Because I could go all ngày saying things that annoy me about Peyton/Lucas/Leyton. haha