Brucas những người đang yêu {5, Brown} My favourites out of all the các biểu tượng I have saved on my computer. Your favourite?

Pick one:
like i´m made of glass, like i´m made of paper
look at her, with her smile like a flame
turn the lights out, lay your head down
i come to bạn in pieces, so bạn can make me whole
i wouldn´t know where to begin, i ask the kings of medicine
don´t leave me here, my guiding light
without a map hoặc road sign
it´s a shame bạn don´t know what you´re running from
watching bạn drown, i follow bạn down
these lazy days are way too long, like razor blades under your tongue
but tonight, bạn walk on streets of vàng
tear out my tongue, i´ve been redeemed
fashion magazines line the walls now
i´ve written songs in the dark
tell me would bạn kill, to save a life?
no matter how many breaths that bạn took, bạn still couldn't breathe
like an animal, you´re moving over me
 freakiin_ruby posted hơn một năm qua
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