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Fan fiction by bessmarvin1 posted hơn một năm qua
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Liv’s POV

I looked at Nate and Emma.They were dancing together.
Hey,I thought,Nate,that’s my best friend.
It was as if Daniel could read my mind,because he đã đưa ý kiến at that moment.
“Why don’t we let them go.”
“Hmmm,”said I.”Why do I think that I married someone smarter than myself.”
And then we kissed.

Emma’s POV

I was standing near a table,watching as Liv and Daniel danced.They make such a cute couple.Better than me and Fletcher anyway.I now realized that me and Fletcher weren’t............well,we weren’t meant together,like Liv and Daniel.
Just then,Nate came over me and asked.
“Do bạn want to dance?”
“Yes.”I said.
It was as if he read my mind.I would have been dancing with Fletcher now.Well,now I get to dance with somebody.
We moved to the dance floor and started dancing.We went on for a long time and then Nate finally said.
“I am sorry Emma.You know,about bạn and Fletcher.”
Everybody’s sorry Nate,I wanted to tell,But I had to correct my mistakes.
Article by mommaof2boys posted hơn một năm qua
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Anna Hathaway
the girls make up, and Emma is the made of honor.

Emma ends up dancing with Liv's brother, and eventully they get married to...

For the last scene bạn see Liv sitting at a table, and Emma walks in....

Liv asks for the details of Emma's honeymoon but ends up saying, "No, bạn married my brother, and that's just creepy!"

When Liv offers Emma some wine Emma declines, saying she's not drinking acohol. When asked why, she declairs that she is pregnant! Liv says she's not drinking achol, because she's pregnant too!

They are both set to give birth on the same day!!!

Guide by Ilovemovies13 posted hơn một năm qua
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Although Bride Wars was not a commercial hit,I still appreciate a down to earth story with a mix of simple and chic fashion.Which is why I am making a Bride Wars fashion guide.
Liv(played bởi Kate Hudson)is a high-powered layer shows her impeccable style and classic designer wardrobe.Here are her hàng đầu, đầu trang five style chioces.
1.Anything Black
2.Trench Coat
3.Soid colors
4.Anything fitted
5.Neutral Makeup
Emma(played bởi Anne Hathaway)is her complete opposite.As a middle school teacher,she has a thêm realistic budget which is why bạn see wearing some of the same things throughout the movie.Her hàng đầu, đầu trang five include:
3.Fun accessories
5.Reusing your clothes
Hopefully bởi using this guide,you be able to have Bride Wars inspired style.