Công chúa tóc xù Skydiving is today the most được ưa chuộng in Châu Âu and America Air extreme sports

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Skydiving is today the most popular link in Europe and America Air extreme sports. It's unique charm lies in the parachutist jumped from the flying aircraft, you can also jump from fixed equipment, in the height of the steep hill, upland and even buildings down, and usually after the jump umbrella is not immediately open automatically, but control by the parachutist parachute time, so that the risk-takers the size of the stimulus threshold complete control in their own hands.

Many skydivers experience when the most memorable scene is the cockpit door is already open, coaches beginners still tremble at the last minute orders, and then the ear, the wind whistling, dizzy, you can clearly see expanded to the earth in front of the umbrella open the moment, all fear, and worry about all swept away.

Never experienced skydiving Think I felt terrible, but in fact from the aircraft out of a few seconds after falling speed becomes constant, felt only suspended in the air of the ethereal sense (although only a few seconds or minutes time) kind of freedom is on the ground, no matter how frustrating experience are less than, link everyone will find a bunch of adjectives, "hearty" is used more than one. Countries around the world each year too many people are immersed in the fun and excitement of the sport. Only France has increased each year more than 7,000 parachute enthusiasts (women 23%).

Some say it is a nightmare campaign, terrible things
link often happen, but according to statistics, skydiving accident probability is much lower than cycling. More and more people this way, they hope to get rid of tens of seconds to enjoy the fun of the irresistible attractiveness of the Earth? Or to prove their courage? The answer is only your own experience.
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