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huasixue posted on Jul 20, 2012 at 06:50AM
August 1998 the first ascent of 5445 meters of Bogda Peak, the summit.
The winter of 1999 led to the summit 4481 meters of days Younger peak.
The winter of 2000, walking through the Bogda.
February 2001 led on foot to link enter the ancient ruins of Niya absolutely fine country adventure.
Led the climb Muztagata to 7400 m in July 2002, and to assist Shaanxi TV shooting Muztagata the snow.
January 2003 led to back-foot north-south through the deserts of Kumtag.
March led the back-foot north-south across the Lop Nur.
July led to the summit 7546 meters Ata peak.
Walk through the wolf tower in August.
January 2004 led once again walk through the Kumtag desert.
July, August, twice led the climb Ata peak and assist "Hero Trail" film crew shooting "Hero Road" Ata finale.
Again in January 2005 led to link the foot Kumtag Desert;
Four-wheel drive of the Lop Nor Creek cemetery expedition in March;
April led Lop Nur adventure;
July led to climb the 7546 Ata peak, climb to the top 14 people;
Bogda in August led the climb.
June 2006, led the through Shuttleworth Trail; led climbing Ata peak in July 13 summit;
February 2007 led the Taklimakan Desert Kriya River the downstream Daliyabo according to the expedition;
In March the Xinjiang Kumtag desert through the Challenge sixth in the team;
April 20 - May 20, riding a motorcycle from Urumqi along the Qinghai-Tibet line, arrived in Lhasa, Tibet, Xigaze, Tingri, to reach Mount Everest. Then along the new line by
Ali area, Kailash Mansarovar, Yecheng, Xinjiang, Kashgar, Duku highway back to Urumqi. The whole 8000 km;
Teng Association, and Xinjiang in July-August Ata climbers Conference teams a total of more than 50 participants, 36 were in the summit;
Led reconnaissance and Tian Mushi Hill in early September;
September-October, led successively two times through the Shuttleworth trail.
Led the investigation virgin peak days Younger peak in April 2008
May climb transparent dream Ke Bingchuan the main peak, at an altitude of 4700 meters, 17 meters deep fall in dark cracks were rescued, and right arm injuries return.
 June-July and Xinjiang Teng Association jointly organized by Ata climbers General Assembly
 Boarded a peak of 7546 meters, breaking the Ata climbers amateur teams in the history summit the highest number of 32 players led the first team.
Participate the Wada crossing link the Kunlun Mountains of Tibet hero trail activities in August
September 10, twice led 40 people through the Shuttleworth Trail
December 25 summit camel peak
June-July and qogir newly registered Association jointly organized by Ata peak climbing Assembly, the first team to summit team climb to the top 28.
 August 15 summit in western Sichuan peak of cho la 6168 meters
 May 15, September 15-10, car Sichuan-Tibet, Yunnan-Tibet line.
February 2010 the first time through the Shuttleworth trail in winter
May 10 with more than 60 players through the Shuttleworth Trail
June 7, led the climb Ata peak

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