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L= is for the way bạn LOOK at me
O= is for the Onley one i see
V= is VERY VERY extrodinary
E= is even thêm than anyone that u deserve
can tình yêu is all that i can giive to bạn tình yêu is thêm than just a game for two!
two in tình yêu can make it take my tim, trái tim and please dont break tình yêu is all that i can give to yoooouuuu tình yêu is a game for me and youooouuu

thats right people tình yêu its what everyone wants i mean its like the closest thing we have to magic! helllooo! that means all u singles and ready to mingle get your groove on and work wat your mamma gave you! make sure u get the right guy!