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 The Vampire Game trilogy
The Vampire Game trilogy
I was recently asked bởi a collegue what my yêu thích read of the năm was--I review a hell of a lot of new material every year. Matter-of-factly, I blurted out my answer without a một giây thought, "The Vampire Game bởi Les Bailey," I told him. "In fact, I loved the entire trilogy, It was extremely well written and the nghề viết văn pulled me into another world away from my own. And the way I see it, that's exactly what a good novel is supposed to do!" I told him.

When I first came across Bailey's novel, he was a first-time published author. New to the world of publishing, hoặc so I was told bởi his agent,...
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 Ellen DeGeneres Bio
Ellen DeGeneres Bio
Celebrity biographer and nghề viết văn coach, Randy Jernigan, this week admitted to a national radio audience that he has recently suffered total kidney failure, resulting in weekly dialysis and a drastic change in his life and schedule.

The 'Losing to Win!' tác giả has been forced to postpone a number of professional commitments this month, explaining that his life was "turned upside down" when two tim, trái tim attacks and renal failure cause him to be placed on weekly kidney dialysis for his survival

"This năm has been a rough one for me,": the tác giả confessed to his radio audience. "The good news is I'm...
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Bill Duke Asks How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up? via FilmCourage.com.
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Sometimes it's great to be a bookseller.

B.E.A. (which I didn't go to, alas) has passed and our book buyers have come back with some great ARCs in their suitcases and begun to share the book love. The eagerly-awaited một giây book to The Hunger Games is in my hands, as well as Jeannette Wall's new "true-life novel". I was also happily surprised bởi a new book in a new series bởi Cinda Williams Chima, tác giả of the Heir trilogy (The Warrior Heir; The Wizard Heir; The Dragon Heir). All three are fantastic -- y'all should pick them up come Autumn 2009!

Catching Fire bởi Suzanne Collins
US Release Date:...
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 Family Secrets of The British Royal Family
Family Secrets of The British Royal Family
Celebrity biographer Randy Jernigan's "Family Secrets" gets an official release ngày of May of 2017.

Jernigan, who recently published The Life and Career of Marie Osmond and is set to release a biography on Ellen DeGeneres, says he's always been an admirer of Queen Elizabeth and the rest of her family, and has always wanted to take a serious look at the British Monarch in a book.

"I think Queen Elizabeth is a great lady with a huge heart, especially when it comes to her family and her people," says Jernigan. "I've been collecting information on "the family" for years in hopes that one ngày I'd...
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