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 the Count of Monte Cristo bởi Alexandre Dumas
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alexandre dumas
count of monte cristo
Michael Talbot
406 pages

Michael Talbot has woven a tale of the vampire unlike any bạn have read. He places them historically in the development of the human race, identifying them as artists, popes, collectors and inventors. He depicts them as the curators of all things important to human kind. It is the way they obtain those things worth protecting that is the meat of his book, The Delicate Dependency. Set in Luân Đôn at the turn of the century, a kidnapping of a child occurs which sends her father and a renowned vampire hunter on a chase all over Europe. The father is a physician who has...
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1. Harry Potter bởi J.K. Rowling

Like, duh.

In my opinion, it's both the best YA series ever and the best fantaisie series ever. Why? Harry Potter is the best of everything - the best characters, the best plots, the best writing.

The characters are people bạn can fall in tình yêu with, and not just the main Giải cứu thế giới and the main villains. Even thêm minor characters are pretty extensively developed, like Snape, Pettigrew, Neville, even Dean hoặc Seamus. They all have histories and quirks and unique personalities and very few authors are able to so vividly create such a huge cast of characters.

Similarly, the...
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There is a book that teaches how to be a bully and it's about to ruin Eric Haskins life. Download The Bully Book on Amazon: link
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