I try to read..
Yes, bạn heard me right! I am a book nerd, who doesn't read any books! Okay, well, that might actually be a lie. Call me a clickbaiter, but I do read. It's just very very rare. It's something to do with me having an attention span that's only about three phút long, sometimes six phút if I'm intrigued. As both an tác giả and a reader, this attention span issue does effect how I work on HALF*BLOOD, because I just.. don't. What always ends up happening is I buy a book, put it in my overflowing bookcase, and then it's forgotten there until I decide to read it. Usually, the sách are never read at all. I have dozens of sách that I own but have never, ever read.

That being said, I have actually read, and finished, sách before! I've read the first two sách in the Magnus Chase trilogy, Simon Vs. The Homosapien's Agenda, and a few of the Warriors books, none of them actually being in chronological order at all. I've read the entire first arc of the Wings Of Fire series, but that was years ago. Overall, I have read a lot of books, but in gần đây months, I haven't read a single thing at all. Now, bạn may ask; 'how are bạn a book nerd if bạn don't read?!' The answer is simple: I collect and learn about books, but I don't read them. I tình yêu collecting books, but đọc them is hard for me. As đã đưa ý kiến before, I have a very short attention span, meaning catching my attention and keeping it is very hard. There are some things that will keep my attention for hours, but not a lot. Drawing is what I call one of the 'golden activities', because I an sit down and do it for six hours at a time without getting sidetracked. I even get sidetracked with roleplaying, and I fuckin love roleplaying.

All of this said, I am a book nerd who doesn't like to read books. I like to collect and learn about books, but not read them. Another thing to point out about this is that I have mild dyslexia, and I easily get headaches. Staring at any amount of words for too long will give me a migraine, and I constantly read things wrong and misspell things. Trust me, bạn don't know how many times I have made the typo of 'bon't' and almost didn't catch it. Maybe this is just something I do though, what do bạn think? Am I a 'book nerd' like I say, hoặc just some weirdo collector? Either way, I have a lot of unread books!