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Ashido Kano is a character liked bởi many of us. When he stayed behind in the Menos Forest, even Rukia was saddened to leave him behind. There is alot of development possible for him. He hasn't shown a shikai nor a bankai while still being able to kill several Gillians and a Adjuchas hollow bởi his self, leading many to câu hỏi just how powerful this Shinigami is. Will we ever see him again? The manga series is now taking place in Hueco Mundo in the manga. It's finally the chance for Ashido to make his long awaited return. It's all in Tite Kubo's hands. What do bạn think? Will Ashido finally make his long awaited return, hoặc have we seen the last of the sole surving Soul Reaper?
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"We stand in awe before that which can not be seen... And we respect, with every fiber, that which can not be explained."- Rukia, (And so fell the sword of fate...) opening words of Bleach
"You nuts?! What kind of sick twisted freak attacks his own son while he laying there sleeping?!"-Ichigo, Bleach
"Isn't she awfully happy for someone visiting a grave?"-Karin, Bleach
(yelling at her pager on the ground) "Urahara! Why don't bạn ever pick up when I call bạn in emergencies like this? bạn call yourself a business man! Then why do bạn hiển thị up when you're not wanted, and then when I really need you,...
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