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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: MOMIKEN
Composed by: UZ
Arranged by: SPYAIR

Credit: link


Shougai, kimi nitotte ore wa donna ore de ireru daro u ?
te o nigitte yume o katatte
nemuru sono isshun de ii kimi no mirai de i tai

Kokoro ga douka shi te n da saikin no ore wa
taishita riyuu mo naku seme te bakkari
shokku de tobidasu kimi o
isoi de gomen to oikakeru baka mitai

Ripiito no Days surihetta sole
'otona ni nare' tte wakaru kedo
sunao ja nai kara

Shougai, kimi nitotte ore wa donna ore de ireru daro u?
te o nigitte yume o katatte
nemuru sono isshun de ii kimi to hitotsu de i tai

Kaoiro bakkari ki ni shi te i tara
ii tai koto...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Kanako Kato, RSP
Composed by: RSP, Jeff Miyahara, Pochi
Arranged by: Jeff Miyahara, Pochi

Credit: link


sakura mau mada sukoshi samui sora no shita
kimi wa yuku chiisana kata ni
yume ya kibou nosete

ima tabidatsu kimi ni okuritai
kyou kurai majime ni
ittatte ii jan
(ittatte ii jan)

arittake no egao o hanataba ni
kimi ni tsutae yo MESSEJI

issho ni waratte kurete
issho ni naite kurete

daijoubu da yo shinpai nai yo
shinjita michi dake massugu ni
hashirun da yo

kimi dake ni ucchi ake ta
naishoubanashi toka
(There's a secret for you...)
tokidoki wa butsukari atte
kenka moshi dakedo

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 Single cover
Single cover


love bạn hajimete atta no wa mushaburi no ame datta ne
kimi wa ame no naka de mou wakaru naiteita

love bạn sabishii kokoro wa kitsusou ugoki wa attate
Boku wa kimi no ichibyou boku o ki ni shiteiru yo

Kimi ga namida o nagasu kanashimi wa wakura kara
Boku wa soba ni itain da kimi no namida o subete uketomeru

kimi nokoto mamoru yo boku wa kimi wo kurushi meru subete nokotokara
hokani nanimodekinakunattemo bokuwa kamawanai
kanpeki niwa dekina ikeredo demo zettai kun wo shiawase nisuruyo
bokuwa chikau yodonna toki demo kimi wo mamoru kara

love bạn hajimete kii ta kotoba wa naka naidedattane...
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posted by Sasunaru120
bạn watched as small waves crashed against the solid structure of the red and white riverboat. Gliding through the peaceful river the rhythmic âm nhạc and shouts from the party a few paces away pushed out the silence of the night and darkness. Gazing at your elegant champagne glass as bạn swished the last remains of the alcohol bạn notice a reflection of a figure in it, spinning on your 3-inch off white ballroom shoes to face a tall handsome looking man, your knee-long dress twirling beneath you. "Can I help you?" Your câu hỏi made a devilish smile flourish on his lips as he sleekly approached...
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From an interview in Shonen Jump
The tiêu đề wasn't Bleach when Tite
Kubo decided to draw a story about
Shinigami. This was before he drew
the one-shot manga that appeared in
Akamaru Jump. The weapon wasn't a
sword, but a scythe. Only Rukia had a
scythe and the other characters used
guns. At that point, the tiêu đề was
Snipe (as in "Sniper"). Right before
he started drawing, he began to
think that a sword would be better
and realized he couldn't use Snipe as
a tiêu đề anymore. He began looking for
a tiêu đề that grasped the bigger
picture. Shinigami are associated
with the color black, but it would
have been boring to use "black".
"White", on the other hand, can
suggest black as a complementary
color. So Tite Kubo chose "bleach" to
evoke the impression of the color
Perennial Hollywood trade rag
Variety is reporting that Warner
Bros. has purchased the live-action
rights to Tite Kubo's Bleach manga
and has moved straight to work on
the adaptation, with Dan Mazeau of
the Wrath of the Titans remake
assigned to scriptwriting duties.
Peter Segal of the Get Smart remake
is still attached as a producer with
the possibility of being the director.
Other producers include Segal's
business partner Michael Ewing,
actor Masi Oka from the TV series
Heroes (he was Hiro Nakamura in the
series), and Jason Hoffs at Viz
Productions (a little-known
subsdiary of Viz Media centered on
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Looking back at me I see...
That I never really got it right, I never stopped to think of you.
I'm always wrapped up in, things I cann not win
bạn are the antidote that gets me by,Something strong,Like a drug that gets me high.

What I really meant to say, is I'm sorry for the way I am, I never meant to be so cold to you.

And I'm sorry about all the lies, maybe in a different light.
bạn could see me stand on my own again, 'cause now i can see.
bạn were the antidote that got me by, something strong like a drug that got me high.
I never meant to be so cold, I never really wanted bạn to see.

The screwed up side of me that I keep, locked inside of me so deep.
It always seems to get to me, I never really wanted bạn to go.
So many things bạn should have known,I guess for me theres just no hope.
I never meant to be so cold.....
posted by OrihimeLuv
This is a Bleach/Soul Eater/Rayearth and Inuyasha crossover. This is based off of the question:
"What would happen if bleach Captains,Leutennats and espadas were teachers in a school.

here are the teachers:

Nnoitra Jiruga-History teacher
Kenpachi Zaraki- Guys Athletics teacher
Nelliel Tu Ordelshvark- Dance Teacher
Sosuke Aizen-ISS teacher
Gin Ichimaru-Math Teacher
Toshirou Hitsuguya-Math Teacher
Mayuri Kurostuchi-Science teacher
Jushiro Ukitake-Language arts teacher
Shunsui Kyoraku- Health teacher
Coyote Starrk- Choir Teacher
Byakya Kuchiki-Theatre arts
Nemu Kurostuchi-Receptionist
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 katara's human form
katara's human form
name:katara sanada




favorite things:talking with zampacto,cooking

zampaco name:aka kage-oohi(red shadow queen)

shekai relese:conceal(kakushimasu)

spirit appearece:long beautiful long white hair,red eyes,snow white skin,long black cloak

bankai relese:shroud the world in your everlasting darkness

bankai name:reitan na aka kage-oohi(cold hearted red shadow queen)

spirit world: a large black lâu đài surrounded bởi black red clouds

backround info:katara is yukimuras oldest sister. her innocent face makes her
appear weak but her fighting is đã đưa ý kiến to be that of a captains level....
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Sunao na uta ga utaenai,Kazari tsuketeshimau kara.

Itsu kara konna ni raku ni jibun mamoru koto o
oboeta no?

koutei kara mieru sora. kimi ni wa nani iro no utsuru?

tada masshiro na kumo demo....toki ni makkuro kaetaku naru.

mikkanai,sky chord!
mukashi nara atta no ni,yeah yeah...
nakushita,sky chord!
dare no sei demo naku jibun.

kitto otona ni naru koto nanka yori
taisetsu na mono ga aru no

kitto sore o mitsukerannai mama otona ni natte yukunda.

asa made okiteitakatta,modokashii kodomo no koro

ima wa jikan ni owarete nemuru,koto sura dekinai
de iru

mikkannai,sky chord
mukashi nara atta no ni,yeah yeah...
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here is another one of my funny bleach storys here bạn go

while ichigo was fighting grimjow, grimjow stabbed ichigo's hand to the ground. then rukia comes

rukia:ichigo what happened to your hands
ichigo:well i was fighting grimjaw and he stabbed me
grimjow:for the last time its grimjow not grimjaw

then shinji comes and rukia ask why he is here

rukia:shinji why are bạn here
shinji:because this manga says im in this chapter and its in my contract
rukia:then when do i fight
shinji: bạn fight in two thêm chapters
rukia:i cant wait that long im getting out of here

ichigo:no rukia if...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
Name - Bun Bun

Appearance - Bun Bun has the body of an eleven năm old when actually he is 18 years old. Bun Bun has light blonde hair that is quite long, but it flips at the ends. He always wears headbands, really long ones that go over your forehead and tie in the back. He has a gin, rượu gin aura and Gin’s smile. Except bạn can see Bun Bun’s eyes, barely though. He has very very pale brown eyes, most people who don’t know Bun Bun thinks he has white eyes. He always wears boots with buckles and he always wears sun glasses on his head and he sometimes actually wears them.
Personality - Bun Bun...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
It was very sunny that day. I'd just gotten back from the real world and I was heading to go home. There was a slight breeze and birds were happily chirping in trees. Walking along that dirt path made me feel at peace, made me feel... happy.
Suddenly, I heard a commotion up ahead. I walked slowly, kicking small stones along the way. A young boy came into view, running along the dirt path about twenty feet ahead of me. He was clutching a small brown sack and some coins. Anger and sadness clouded his face. One clear tear ran along his cheek. His spiked silver hair bounced on his head as he ran....
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posted by tayandkris4evr
Name - Jet
Appearance - He has short clean cut black hair. Bright yellow eyes (somewhat cat-like). A small nose and a thin smiling mouth. He is very pale, almost bone white. He has a scar on his left cheek in the shape of an X. He is lean, yet muscular. He has very long fingers and a small wrist. He always wears a long sleeved white tee and rugged black jeans. He has a white chain chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm that he always wears. He wears a black snake ring on his right hand middle finger.

Personality - Jet is a very confused person. He’s very kind and sweet. Yet he doesn’t hiển thị very much emotion. He always...
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Before I got into Bleach, I used to think that anime was totally and completely stupid. Whenever I was Công chúa tóc xù enough to turn on the TV and taste a few minute's worth of whatever anime hiển thị happened to be on, I found myself either laughing at the lousy diễn xuất and cheesy phim hoạt hình hoặc rolling my eyes at the melodrama and wooden dialog. To hàng đầu, đầu trang it all off, my geeky dad has this weird obsession with old, awful anime shows; namely Speed Racer and Yamato. He's constantly cuing up ngẫu nhiên episodes online and making my little sister watch them. (I protest loudly and flee to the refuge of the tiếp theo room...
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one ngày rukia was in the exicution room waiting and thinking of the past then she started crying and yachiru walked in.

yachiru:hi orihime.......
rukia:yachiru what are bạn doing can't bạn see im haveing a moment
yachiru well, i wanted to play with orihime but shes not here so i'll play with you
rukia:no im in the execution room!

yachiru:thats o.k well play make up time!
rukia:no im already pretty i don't need make up
yachiru:sure bạn do every girl needs make up
rukia:no it causes acne

then yachiru put makup on rukia but made it all ugly

yachiru:ha ha ha bạn look like a clown
rukia:thats why i dont...
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bạn are my beloved... Gin.
Always ever my beloved Gin. Many days have been spent without you, since we cannot meet, because bạn do not exist much...
Why do bạn run away from such a place as this?
You liked this place, didn't you?
I heard it from your own lips. bạn like and tình yêu this place...
You born here and lived in here. There were other things to like here, right?

I do not know Gin, explanation fails again.
How many times were spent so missing you...
The worst is... with the days, which increase and flow,
I have felt Mất tích without bạn and like I lose bạn more, repeatedly each day......
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Skoop On Somebody
Composed by: Skoop On Somebody

Credit: link


Everybody Stand Up!
Minna tatakattenda!
Naishin wa fuan da demo
Keep Your Head Right Up! To tha Sky!

Donna toki mo (Oh Yeah!)
Doko ni itemo (Oh Yeah!)
Call me anytime! (Oh Yeah!)
Chikara ni naru yo

Happypeople’s In Tha House!!!
Tafu na egao de
Happypeople’s In Tha House!!!
Ikite yuku no sa

Ki ni sunna My Brother!
Kimi rashikute iin da!
Nai tatte My Sister!
Mata waraeba iinda!

Shinkokyuu shite (Oh Yeah!)
Yorimichi shite (Oh Yeah!)
It’s All In Your Mind (Oh Yeah!)
Kaze ni fukarete

Happypeople’s In Tha House!!!
Rafu na yasashisa...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Shin
Composed by: IV
Arranged by: ViViD, Takumi Masanori

Credit: link


Nagaretsuita sono basho de hito wa nani o omou no darou
hirokute fukai unmei no naka shizumanai bạn ni

You cannot bust yourself, gimme a shout
To be yourself 'til death, assure yourself
You cannot bust yourself, gimme a shout
To be yourself 'til death, assure yourself

Asu o ushinatte shimau ka mo shirenai kakegae no nai ima ni se o mukenai
kono koe ga douka todoku bạn ni sakebitsuzukete'ta yo
oikakeru tabi ni dandan tooku natte nigedashita totan mata chikaku natte
sukitootte iru no ni mienai mukougawa te o nobashitsuzuketa...
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boku wa koko de utau darou
koko kara hibike
miminari ni kesareta seijaku no
katachi nai mirai o oikaketeta
sono te wa kuu o tsukande kita
Listen to it, listen to it.
deai ga tsumuideku melody
Listen to me, listen to me.
oto ni kawaru
ima wa mada konna ni chiisana
kono koe ga
itsuka wa tsuyoku hibiiteku kara
Listen to it, listen to it.
yasashiku yuriokoso melody
Listen to me, listen to me.
kimi ga omou kimi e
Even if my
voice dies
I will sing,even here,
And my song will be echoed here!
The troubled night is buzzing in
my ears
I will continue running after my
uncertain future...
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