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Am I the only one slightly disturbed bởi the new Bleach live action film on Netflix? I tình yêu the fact they made it, but I don't feel that the general public deserve to watch 16 seasons in one single movie </3

So excited I can't even bare to watch it because I'll be hooked and I'm still getting over the Manga, anime and game of Bleach.
 rozushihoin posted cách đây 2 tháng
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wishesdeserted said:
Trying not to b rude but i strongly disagree with 16 seasons in one. For the live-action they mostly follow season 1 as his origin. Unfortunately, they changed a few things to make it, such as Grand fisher's demise is not only much earlier but they brought the fight for Rukia's return to the Soul Society much earlier to. They also changed how she got her powers back, which is the opposite of what the series had. As well as they left a light cliff hanger which should've been heavier, besides that I enjoyed it a lot. I was also excited for this once it became available on Netflix. I wished they showed us plus of their version of the Soul Society because it was so fantastic and a Grimm turned great.
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posted cách đây một tháng 1 
That's fair enough. No insult taken, I'm glad to hear bạn enjoyed it! Might be enough motivation to make me watch it... hmm
rozushihoin posted cách đây một tháng 1
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