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Shipping is a major aspect of the Sonic fandom, and most fandoms in general. "Which character should go with which?" is a common câu hỏi many những người hâm mộ ask themselves. Publishers and developers often take advantage of this through "ship teasing" and if a pairing is được ưa chuộng enough, there is a chance they may even make it canon. Blaze herself has been shipped mostly with either Silver hoặc Sonic, and occasionally Shadow. Silvaze seems to be leading in popularity at the moment, but Sonaze has experienced a surge of popularity for unknown reasons, perhaps a mass rediscovery of the Sonic Rush series,...
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Hi, it's Vela again. On to the topic; I have had at leat 20 people ask me "New hoặc old Sonic?" With no both option. This isn't just a câu hỏi that people ask others, it's appearing on số phiếu bầu and boards. No one gives a both option.
Now, I tình yêu both old and new sonic. And this war has got to stop. At the very least bạn shouldn't yell at someone for saying both. (Happened to me twice.)
I'm starting to feel like an endangered species. Why do we need to fight over which Sonic is better? He's still the same Sonic. If bạn want a 2-D platforming romp they are still releasing them; Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Advance Series. As for the newer Sonic những người hâm mộ bạn have many deep and beautiful games to choose from; Sonic Unleashed, Sonic 06, Shadow the Hedgehog.
There's something for everyone. And I, being a người hâm mộ of both find the constant fighting meaningless. Why can't bạn just try and understand eachother?
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