Blair & Chuck Which other couple reminds bạn of Chair? In what way? (yes, I know they're UNIQUE, but still)

Pick one:
Ross/Rachel - Những người bạn
Summer/Seth - The OC
Brooke/Lucas - One cây đồi núi, đồi núi, hill
Robin/Barney - HIMYM
Alex/Izzie - Grey's Anatomy
Lucas/Peyton - One cây đồi núi, đồi núi, hill
Joey/Pacey - Dawson's Creek
Buffy/Spike - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Rory/Jess - Gilmore Girls
Carrie/Big - SATC
NONE! CB are one of a kind!
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Jackie/Hyde - That 70's hiển thị
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