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 what are bạn planning S?!
what are you planning S?!
hope bạn enjoy my latest installment. serena is out of hospital now and blair has been avoiding conversations with chuck.

Archibald apartment:

serena and nate are making dinner. chuck visits alot to see serena and nate also hoping to run into blair but she has been avoiding him. he likes coming over when victoria is there too because he loves to see her. even if she doesnt know who he is. nathan is playing with tristan and nate is watching from the phòng bếp, nhà bếp and talking to serena.

S: we have to get them to at least talk to each other. it's not the same with them not being at least friends.
N(nate): it's their life serena. they'll sort it out themselves.
S: what about victoria?
N: what about her?
S: she needs her father. i know what it's like not to have one, it's hard. bạn always feel diffrent than other children.
N: whatever they decide to do is up to them.
S: but if they're not talking they cant decide anything.
N: well i think bạn should leave them to sort it themselves.
S: hoặc the hamptons.
N: what?
S: me, bạn and the kids are going to visit my grandma right?
N: yes and?
S: nathan has been saying all week he doesnt want to go.
N: where are bạn going with this?
(serena exits the kitchen)
S: Nathan i've been thinking about what bạn đã đưa ý kiến and bạn dont have to go to the hamptons with us.
Na(nathan): yay!
S: so who do bạn want to look after bạn uncle chuck hoặc auntie blair.
Na: i like uncle chuck but i want to see victoria and auntie blair. can i have both?
S: of course bạn can.
(serena walks back to the kitchen)
S: that's where im going with it nate.
N: you're forcing them to spend three days together.
S: well if it works and they at least talk to each other again i'll be happy.
N: and what if it drives them futher apart?
S: if it goes up in flames at least we know we burnt trying. plus chuck and blair have always had this sort of pull to each other. i have a feeling friendship at least will come out of it. who knows what will follow?
N: you're crazy. but i tình yêu you.
S: i tình yêu bạn too.

Waldorf apartment:

blair and serena are having a coffee and talking. serena is also giving tristan(new baby) a bottle. nathan and victoria are playing.

S: so will bạn look after him tomorrow? i'll only be gone for three days and bạn and vicky can stay over at ours.
B: hoặc he could come over here.
S: no i want bạn to stay at ours. believe me he goes through so many outfits a ngày because he normally spills something down himself.
B:(laughs) fine me and vicky will stay for three days. me, nathan and vicky will have a great time no need to worry.
S: thats great. i'd really tình yêu that.
(Blair các câu trả lời the door and see's georgina and hannah(georgina and jack's daughter))
B: georgie come in. it's great to see bạn hannah. your cousin vicky is just in there (points to the toy room)
H: thank bạn auntie blair.
G: xin chào S and B is that the new little one?
S: yes G do bạn want to hold him?
G: of course what did bạn name him?
S: tristan zachary archibald.
G: aww thats lovely.
B: im shocked everytime i hear bạn say something like that. you'd think i'd be use to it bởi now.
G: i was a chó cái, bitch for so long. bởi the way chuck visited last night.
B: good for him.
G: did bạn know he was back?
B: yes and we've talked and argued which everytime we talk it turns out the same way.
G: does vicky know he's her...
B: no and it's going to stay that way.
S: i think she should tell her.
G: it would be nice.
B: im not telling her i hate chuck and he is not allowed to tell her who he is and either are bạn to.
G: i think bạn still like chuck.
B: no i hate him.
G: how come bạn cant look me in the eye and tell me that?
S: good point georgie.
B: i dont like(looks them both in the eye)
G: your right bạn dont like him. bạn tình yêu him.
S:(laughs) B do bạn still tình yêu him?
B: no... of course i do. i never stopped loving him. but im not letting him back in my life my head is on the right track.
G: your head is only pointing out all the dangerous possibilty's. but your tim, trái tim doesnt listen to your head.(laughs) if i listened to my head do bạn think i would have a child with jack bass. let alone be married to him?
B: cant argue with that but it's to risky. if he runs off again it will kill vicky. i couldnt watch that happen.
G: i think your thêm afraid of being hurt yourself?
S: bạn could always give it a shot.
B: no and thats final. now can we change the subject?
S: i have to go. can bạn look after nathan for a while?
B: sure go on.
(takes tristan and leaves)

âm bass, tiếng bass, bass industries/chuck's office:

serena knocks on the door.

C: come in.
S: hey.
C: hey. what are bạn doing here?
S: i need a favour.
C: ok what?
S: i need bạn to babysit nathan for three days while me and nate go to the hamptons to see cece.
C: i dont know. remember the part where i nearly burnt me, nathan, victoria and blair in your house.
S: oh come on chuck. nathan loves his new uncle.
C: serena im not the most mature adult.
S: please bạn dont want to let him down he was so excited.
C: fine, i'll do it.
S: yay you're the best chuck.
C: i know. now let me see tristan.
(hands tristan over to him)
C: one thing. i dont know how to cook.
S: thats ok.
C: im pretty sure bạn dont want him eating room service for three days.
S: no someone else will do the cooking.
C: who?
S: dont worry i'll have it sorted.
C: ok.
S: now if he is wearing dungarees hoặc his black trousers he will need bạn to open them when he's going to the toilet.
C:(laughs) ok.
S: im being serious he can open them so he will piss himself if bạn dont open them.
C: i understand.
S: good i'll see bạn tomorrow then.
C: sure.

tiếp theo ngày archibald apartment:
ngày one.

S: chuck you're here.
C: yes i told bạn i would.
Na: uncle chuck!
C: xin chào little man.
Na: do bạn want to see my puzzle of manhattan?
C: sure.
Na: it's in my room come on.
(pulls chuck's hand to see the puzzle)
B: hey.
S: xin chào B. glad bạn could make it.
V: im going to go see nathan.
B: ok hunnie.
(chuck comes out of nathan's room and serena bites her lip)
B: serena what's going on?
S: ok you're both babysitting nathan.
B: serena.
S: look hear me out. nathan wanted bạn both to babysit and B i knew bạn wouldnt if bạn knew chuck was. and chuck would say i dont think that's a good idea. nathan couldnt decide and asked me if bạn would both do it. so please stay.
C: i'll stay.
B: fine but bạn owe me.
S: ok.
(serena, nate and tristan leave)
Na: can bạn two take us to the park?
B: sure.
V: yay come on.
B: put on your coats hoặc we arnt going.
(they go into nathan's room)
C: how do bạn do that?
B: do what?
C: tell them to do something hoặc they're not going.
B: it's called disaplin it's a bit like something bạn know called blackmail.
(the kids come out and walk to the door)
B: bạn coming hoặc not chuck.
C: im coming.

at the park:

nathan and victoria are playing and chuck and blair are sitting on the bench watching them. blair notices chuck is looking a little unhappy.

B: bạn look tense.
C: what?
B: is something wrong? do bạn want to talk about it?
C: it's nothing.
B: it's obviously something.
C: look bạn wont want to hear about. why do bạn care all of a sudden?
B: i dont bạn looked upset. it's called being nice.
C: it's how much i've screwed up ok. i should never have give up. i shouldnt have left bạn in the first place.
B: oh. your right bạn shouldnt.
C:(laughs) thanks.
B: look for the kids sake we will be Những người bạn for the tiếp theo three days. no bringing up the past.
C: that'd make things easier. sort of.
B: it's the best i can do.
C: i still feel stupid though. i remember when me and bạn had just started dating and nate told me not to do anything stupid like he did and i đã đưa ý kiến i wouldnt. but i did.
B: what am i going to do with bạn bass? bạn just broke a rule. no bringing up the past. (smiles)
C: well what about no bringing up the bad past. the time when i've been a jerk hoặc an idiot.
B: hoặc got knocked down bởi a car.
C: that was a good time for me because it wasnt you. (smiles)and when i woke up bạn told me bạn loved me.
B: well dont even think about trying it again.
C: why?
B: because... im not going to tell bạn so it would be a waste.
C: i see.
B: heard bạn visited jack, georgina and hannah two days ago.
C: yeah guessed i'd have to visit again sometime.
V: arcibald get your butt over here now!
Na: no way bass!
(chuck and blair start laughing)
B:(smiles) did they just do what we always use to do?
C: yep.
B: i find that a little strange.(laughs)
C: well i dont. (smiles at blair) look at who her mother is?
B:(smiles)well she's definatly got the âm bass, tiếng bass, bass jeans.
C: why?
B: because of that cheeky little smirk.
C:(laughs) i wonder if she has the evil glare.
B: she does.
C: what?
B: nathan and victoria are tiny chuck and blair before the first time we slept together.
C: really?
B: really. she's definatly Queen material for high school. she's got into trouble twice. him once.
C: why?
B: in kindergarten this little girl đã đưa ý kiến she thought victoria's headbands were stupid. later victoria put her intials on the little girls white top.
C: did bạn congradulate her?
B: i laughed espicially when the teacher told me it was in red permanent marker.
C: why did nathan get in trouble?
B: that was the other time. the little girl decide on a diffrent ngày to slag of nathan's hair. so victoria got the PVC glue and nathan got the feather for their art prodject and give the little girl her own bad hair day.
C: kid genious's
B: i know. i told her when i got trang chủ that if she was going to do things like that she wasnt meant to get caught. so she told me she done something else to the little girl and when the teacher asked her who did it she showed me the glare she did and it reminded me alot of yours. the little girl blamed someone else.
C: she's learning.
B: i shouldnt be teaching her to do that stuff but it reminds me of when i use to do stuff like that.
C: get the kids and we'll go get something to eat. then we can walk past the old school and sit on the met steps. tell the kids all about your minipulating days.
B: i'll tell them when they're older but sitting on the met steps sounds good.

At the cafe:

they have ordered sandwiches and coffee. the little ones are having 5 alives

Na: auntie blair i dont feel well can i go outside for air?
B: yeah i'll take you. come on.
(they walk outside and blair is watching chuck talking to victoria from the window)
V: how do bạn know my mommy and auntie serena?
C: we're old friends.
V: how old are you?
C: im 23.
V: so is my mommy. im 4.
C: do bạn like kindergarten?
V: yes but i hate lindsey. me and nathan always play tricks on her and we never get caught.
C:(smiles) do bạn enjoy doing that?
V: yes me and nathan do it all the time. sometimes hannah does it. she's my bestfriend and my cousin. and tyler never does it he's a goody two shoes but he never tells on us. i think he likes hannah.
C: who's tyler?
V: tyler delgard is my friend. his mommy is jenny humphrey and daddy is damien delgard. they arnt together though. they chẻ, phân chia, split up.
C: do bạn have anymore friends?
V: only them for but everybody likes me because if they hurt me i play tricks on them. will bạn tie my shoe laces.
C: sure. do bạn want to learn how to tie your shoe laces?
V: yes.
C: ok watch.
(chuck ties one of her laces and explains to her how to do it then takes off her other shoe and hands it to her)
C: do bạn want to try?
V: ok.
(she ties the ren on her other shoe)
V: i did it.
C: thats good. now we have to open it to put it on your foot.
(chuck sits back down and blair and nathan come back in)
V: mommy chuck taught me how to tie my laces.
B: that's good.
Na: i dont wear shoe laces they always open.

after a long ngày out they all go trang chủ the kids go to giường and blair stays in nate and serena's room chuck stays in the spare room. they all go to sleep.
i hope bạn like it. it was sort of as if they were all a family but sadly not. yet anyway i cant wait till the finally its going to be a good one but it is a few episodes away yet. i hope bạn like the chuck and victoria scene and the scene where nathan and victoria called each other archibald and bass. look out for episode 19.
 mummy, daddy and...
mummy, daddy and...
 daughter. unfortunatly she doesnt know!
daughter. unfortunatly she doesnt know!
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It was beautiful. I can’t think of a thêm solid endgame. If bạn think about it the flashforward scene cemented so much stuff:

Chuck is a ‘father in a way Bart never was’ (3.12):
He is affectionate- picks Henry up and swings him around
He compliments his son- “look how smart bạn are”
He makes his son feel secure and loved- can bạn picture baby Chuck shouting “Daddy!” and happily running into Bart’s arms? Pfft. Never.
Blair has finally found some success and power independent from any sort of romantic relationship with Waldorf Designs.
Blair has clearly grown in a major way since...
continue reading...
 'So the tiếp theo time bạn forget, you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck âm bass, tiếng bass, bass and i tình yêu you.'
'So the next time you forget, you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck Bass and i love you.'
Chuck and Blair are perfection. Though I know and want Chuck and Blair to be endgame, the series needed something to please and surprise all the viewers. They chose to give us some Blair and Dan action. I am going to write my thoughts on Dan and Blair, the new baby daddy revealed, and why Chuck and Blair are the ultimate end couple.

The shows viewers all need what they want. This might make bạn think “Yes, Chair has the most fans’. That is completely true, but the producers did want something to spice up the hiển thị with something we thought would never happen; Dan & Blair. Pleasing everyone...
continue reading...
here it goes it is the finale i hope bạn enjoyed đọc it as much fun as i enjoyed nghề viết văn it. please review. there will be a epiloge

Bass apartment:

chuck woke up with fluttering in his stomach. the same fluttering he felt the first time he slept with blair. he knew this was because this was the ngày that he got blair back. after making the worst decision of his life leaving blair 4 years cách đây to look after their daughter on her own. he finally got the tình yêu of his life back. plus the most beautiful little girl he could ever imagine. they were...
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 serena's present
serena's present
GG: wow who would have thought 4 months would have passed so soon. bạn upper east siders havent give me any gossip for them past 4 months. when did bạn all get so boring, but today is graduation and i plan to have my cake and eat it hoặc gossip and post it. come on i know you're hiding something.

St. judes and constance high school:
(Chuck, blair, nate and serena all sitting in the courtyard and ready for graduation)

B: can bạn belive it finally high school is over and i get to find some new people to terrorise.
S:(laughs) B bạn never change. although i dont think im going to go to brown.
B: what?...
continue reading...

Hey xin chào readers! Guess what…..It's AN EPILOGUE!

WOW I know….it's been ages…I usually never take so long to update a story but I had trouble thinking of an appropriate way to end the story!

I know since I've taken so long, I kind of forgot how to write this story….so sorry if the nghề viết văn style hoặc the mood doesn't fit in with the rest of the fic!

It's in two parts…because it was so long, the tiếp theo part will be đã đăng tomorrow hoặc the ngày after…


"Do bạn think she'll get angry with me daddy?" asked 5 năm old Eliza Waldorf-Bass, pulling her father down bởi the cổ áo to whisper...
continue reading...

Hey guys, Thank bạn sooooooo much for all the lovely reviews! This fic is so hard to write because I'm not sure which direction it's headed in, I have a plot line in mind but I'm still struggling a bit, so I do warn bạn that những thông tin cập nhập may become irregular and I totally apologise for that. I know it's really crappy but I hardly get the time to write!

Here's the tiếp theo chapter, it is kinda rated M, im not sure what the distinction is really but there is sex in this chapter so i'll give it an M to be on the an toàn, két an toàn side!

Hope bạn enjoy it because after this chapter things start to get a bit shaky as...
continue reading...
A Million tình yêu Songs Later

A/N: Right last chapter here it is! Well nearly, this is the final one then just the epilogue. So right I tried to finish this asap and it's been so sunny here the last few days so I just took my laptop down to the bờ biển, bãi biển with me and finished it there. I've realized just how fast I write in the sun, I think I wrote like all of it without stopping so now I have sunburn but anyway it's worth it to get this final chapter up, I'll just put some aftersun on it'll be fine. Right so if bạn read please do bình luận and let me know what bạn think like of the whole story and the...
continue reading...
A Million tình yêu Songs Later

A/N: Ahhh. Wow so I am totally calm now. We've had loads of exams and the worst ones are over now, welsh, maths paper 1 (still got another one to do =/), biology, Religious studies, thiết kế & Technology. Glad I've got them out of the way. Anyway I took some time off from revising English literature to write this. So please please leave me a comment. I really appreciate it. Thank bạn xoxo

Chapter 12: Goodbye Again

        It had been a week. Serena had temporary moved in with Blair and to play messenger between Nate and Blair....
continue reading...
 trang chủ Sweet Home...
Home Sweet Home...
Chair Tales S02E16- Made in Manhattan

The following is set a week later.

Blair has been depressed since Chuck left. Serena and Dan are on their honeymoon but have been in regular contact with Blair.

Zane has also been in touch with Blair over the phone, he told her about his encounter with Chuck but Blair hasn't được trao him any details on what happened between her and Chuck.

Ever since the break up Blair has được trao up on trying to be happy, she is miserable, she has tried to ignore the fact that she was pregnant, there was a voice in the back of her mind telling her that everything was the baby's...
continue reading...
 An ex-girlfriend in need...
An ex-girlfriend in need...
Episode 13: The Non-Judging Breakfast Club

GG: We hear Chuck âm bass, tiếng bass, bass is missing, Last spotted downtown...Oh dear! We fear the worst for C, That is unless BFF's can come to the rescue? And with Những người bạn like these C bạn wont need any armies...

At the Palace Hotel, In Chuck's suite.

Blair and Nate are in the room, Blair is on the her cell.

B: Chuck? When bạn get this call me back, I'm worried about you

Blair hangs up.

B: Where's Serena?
N: She's still with Lily
B: What is going on, He's been gone for 2 hours, (gets upset) Nate what's happened?
N: I don't know Blair
B: (tears in her eyes) What if he's...
continue reading...
 Down on your Chuck B?
Down on your Chuck B?
Episode 9: Because I đã đưa ý kiến sorry

GG: Good Morning Upper East Siders, Well it's been a tháng since we heard from C, And with Blair growing even thêm worried, Has something bad happened to Bass?

(At the Humphrey House in Brooklyn)

Serena, Blair and Dan are sitting in the living room.

B: So what does Vanessa know?
D: I have no idea
B: Stop lying what does she know?
D: I honestly have no clue
B: (Get restless) Okay, Come on Serena lets go. Your boyfriend obviously isn't interested in helping me
D: Look if I knew where Chuck was I'd tell you
B: (hmph)

Blair exits.

S: Dan, Please tell her what Vanessa knows,...
continue reading...
 Back trang chủ for Bass!
Back Home for Bass!
Episode 12 - Some Like It Hot

Gossip Girl: # The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present and now that Chuck âm bass, tiếng bass, bass is out of hospital, im guessing we're in for a ride! bạn Know bạn tình yêu me xoxo #

It has been a few days since Chuck was discharged from hospital, he is back to full health and he feels his memory has also returned although a lot of things he's remembered, he has kept to himself.
Serena has had the difficult job of trying to get Blair back on her feet. Blair...
continue reading...
I'm gonna write something diffrent from the normal người hâm mộ fiction. I'm going to write a scene for Gossip Girl for Chuck and Blair.

Chuck Bass
Blair Waldorf
Nate Archibald
Serena van der Woodsen

Chuck has waited so long to tell Blair he loves her, that she has fallen out of tình yêu with him. Chuck is in total regret about what he hasn't done, and tried everything to convince Blair she still loves him.
- There is a dance/ball going on in the palace hotel for a charity event.

Scene 2- The Palace Hotel

The Ball has started.
There are many people there dancing, gossiping, chatting etc.
continue reading...
posted by Cas_Cat_2
Blair Waldorf:

Blair is described as a 5'4" and slender, with brilliant blue eyes and a fox-like face. During the first three books, her hair was long, but she chopped it into a pixie cut in Because I'm Worth It. A hopeless romantic who idolizes Audrey Hepburn, Blair's sensitive side contrasts with her tendency to be bitchy and controlling. She is rather vain, though her friendship with uber-girl Serena van der Woodsen causes her to be insecure at times. Blair uses her charm, money, and social clout to get whatever she wants. Her father, once an uptight lawyer, now lives in a French chateau...
continue reading...