Beyoncé has become the mother of Blue Ivy Carter!
Blue was born on January 7, the filgia Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Greetings!

Beyoncé has become a mother! Blue was born Saturday, January 7,Ivy Carter, daughter of singer Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z!
Beyoncé has recorded a hospital in New York with a false name, Ingrid Jackson, and the couple has rented the entire the fourth floor of the hospital, for $ 1.3 million, in order to have a little 'privacy!
những người hâm mộ have speculated that the name of daughter's couple, a little 'unusual, Blue Ivy is a reference to the musical achievements of the parents: the first name "Blue" refers to the 2001 album The Blueprint bởi Jay-Z, and "Ivy" is refer to IV - 4 in Roman numerals - which is the name of Beyoncé album of 2011!

Do bạn like the name that Beyoncé and Jay Z chose for their child? In any case we do our best wishes to their family!