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 Bellatrix and Voldemort
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Bellatrix Lestrange
Harry Potter
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This Bellatrix Lestrange bức ảnh might contain surcoat, áo lót, áo choàng ngoài của kỵ sĩ, and tabard.

Make him Happy:

1. Tell him that James Potter was recently sent to Azkaban for a life sentence

2. Convince him that it would be possible for him to travel back in time and relive his school days as a được ưa chuộng member of a cool gang

3. Destroy all of the Shampoo and personal hygiene products within a ten-mile radius of him

4. Make him the Defense Agaisnt the Dark Arts teacher and approve of Capitol Punishment

5. Give him a front row ghế, chỗ ngồi at Sirius Blacks conviction, and permission to personally hand him over to the Dementors

Bellstrix Lestrange:

1. Convince her that Lord Voldemort is madly in love...
continue reading... people that hate bellatrix mudbloods
2.die your hair black
3.get a dark mark.
4.if someone threatens bạn put your finger to your dark mark.
5.ask ngẫu nhiên people about voldermorts whereabouts
6.practise cackeling like her
ways to annoy her say bạn know where voldermort is and when she asks say some where in the world.
2.stick pics of muggles over her cell in azkaban
3.while she sleeps put potter approved on her forehead.
4.tell her youve been inside her valt in gringotts.
5.say to her voldermort has a thêm loyal deatheater than her .
6.always bring up the subjuect about Tonks marrieing lupin.
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Watch Bella and Molly's epic showdown....with the Sims!
Bellatrix Lestrange
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molly weasley
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