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 Beauty and the Beast hình nền
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Belle from Beauty and the Beast wallpaper.
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 [i]Belle & Beast[/i]
[i]Belle & Beast[/i]
Profile on her

Name: Belle
Height: 5ft 2 ins
Star sign: Taurus

Her strengths:
Is kind-hearted,brave,friendly,daydreamer.

Her weaknesses: Is stubborn

Like: Reading books, Daydreaming about romance and handsome princes

Self-centred men who are vain.


‘His no monster Gaston bạn are’
‘If bạn didn’t frighten me, I wouldn’t have ran away’
‘Please don’t leave me…….I tình yêu you’.
‘His rude and conceited and oh papa his not for me’.

Voice actress:
Paige ‘O Hara


Name: Adam
Star sign: Leo hoặc Taurus

Likes:Playing in the snow, dancing

Dislikes: Someone disrupting...
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 Belle's introduction
Belle's introduction
This was one of the phim chiếu rạp that I wanted to get (but I am getting it tiếp theo tháng on DVD thank god)as it was so romantic yet very sad as it was one of the best Disney phim chiếu rạp I have seen in years. So sit back and enjoy my countdown of the best scenes and why I like them.

#1 Belle’s introduction

Firstly I loved this song and this scene as she is the only one in blue and she likes to read sách and sing along. I know pretty much the whole song off bởi tim, trái tim as its so nice and it reflects on who Belle is as a person.

#2 Gaston song

I absolutely found this scene hilarious as there was a couple of drunken...
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