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Has Người dơi ever killed? Does he use guns? Is money a superpower? was he created bởi Bob Kane? These các câu trả lời and many more!
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xin chào i just got Người dơi lego for wii on giáng sinh and it is awesome i have to still get bane,killer croc,penguin and man bat. unlocked. but i have all of the following people,batman,robin,bat girl,nightwing,bruce,alfred.and on villan mode i have riddler,clayface,poison ivy,mr.freeze,two face,the mad hatter,killer moth,joker,harley quinn,and a few others.but any ways this is one of my yêu thích games.I can play as my two facorite heros.batman and nightwing.this is also a good price only 19.99 at gamestop.(GAME STORE)
it is very fun.but i still have only beat the first and third episodes as hero.and the first episode as villain.If bạn liked this bài viết and found it persuasive.please bình luận on it.

p.s. thanks bạn for reading.
tarantino: xin chào I'm like a marvel

spike lee: and I'm like a dc

tarantino: I cater to the những người hâm mộ

spike lee: I educate the những người hâm mộ on what they should like

tarantino: my phim chiếu rạp are two-and-a-half hours long MAXIMUM.

spike lee: my phim chiếu rạp are two-and-a-half hours long MINIMUM.

tarantino: x-men origins kind of smacks of my handiwork. I would have totally sacrificed boring crap and plausibility for kick-*** action sequences bạn pay your hard earned money for, kids.

spike lee: and Người hùng báo thù kind of smacks of my handiwork. It's three hours long, controversial as hell, and raises alot of intellectual subjects....
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The Dark Night has Been Nominated bởi the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, for for yêu thích Movie. If your as much as a người hâm mộ as I, bạn would follow this link to post the widget on your myspace, Google account Facebook hoặc whatever social network, bạn may have. I happen to know that bạn may vote daily. I honestly would like to see The Dark Knight rise to the hàng đầu, đầu trang of Gotham ( the World Wide Web) and to see once again Người dơi prevails. This widget is on link and I suggest bạn post this widget everywhere.
Through 70 years of publication, Người dơi has braved many adventures that push the limits of the imagination.

These are the stupid ones.

(Side note: This bài viết has been rated pg13, and should not be read bởi anyone younger.) Enjoy. :)

Detective Comics: 241

This is what happens when Người dơi is written bởi Liberace.

Also, Robin can call it red all he wants, but according to our Crayola box set, Batman's costume is actually pretty-princess-pink.

Batman: 48

"And that concludes our presentation of the Batcave. Any questions? Yes, bạn the kid in the back."

"So your bat-cave is right under...
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