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This Người dơi hình nền contains đài phun nước.

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Credit: MovieAccessTrailers on YouTube.
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teenage mutant ninja turtles
Người dơi vs teenage mutant ninja turtles
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Featuring scenes drawn from Tim Burton's #Batman (1989), Christopher Nolan's #BatmanBegins, the pilot episode of #Gotham, and Zack Snyder's Người dơi v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. From Birth.Movies.Death. @ YouTube.
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bruce wayne
thomas wayne
martha wayne
origin story
Người dơi begins
Người dơi v superman: dawn of justice
This review is dedicated to Adam West, William Dozier, and all the wonderful people who helped make the show.

The first Người dơi hiển thị was just called Batman. The hiển thị started in 1966 and had 3 seasons as well as a film called Batman: The Movie (1966). There was also 2 animated films based on the hiển thị called Return of the Caped Crusaders (2016) and Người dơi vs. Two-Face (2017).

The Plot

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson protect Gotham as the Dynamic Duo: Người dơi and Robin. The 2 Giải cứu thế giới saved the city bởi themselves in the show's first 2 seasons, but Batgirl started helping them in the 3rd season. They...
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