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posted by GabrielleMN
Người dơi HISTORY
Batman made his first appearance as a comic book superhero in DC Comics “Detective Comics No. 27, May 1939”. Bob Kane has been credited with the original creation of Batman. Kane was a twenty-two năm old comic book artist creating fill-in hoạt hình about chó and mèo for DC Comics when he was selected to create a hero as powerful and appealing as Superman, DC Comic’s năm old phenomenal success. Kane’s inspiration for Người dơi reportedly came from three sources—a Leonardo da Vinci sketch of a man trying to fly with attached bat-like wings, a 1930’s silent mystery movie...
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sony: .....yup
nolan: ......yup
sony: .....yup.
nolan: bạn can stop the joke
sony: No we're serious. We now own the rights to the tiếp theo Người dơi movie. We made AOL Time Warner an offer they couldn't refuse. bạn see in the wake of this whole billion dollar enterprise Dark Knight has become, as well as our boss own 85% of all Playstation rights, we are going to push ahead with Dark Knight 5 in May, 2017. It will be called simply, magnetically, beautifully -- Arkham Asylum.

nolan: but that's dark knight 5. We're talking about dark knight 3.

sony: Spider-Man 3 did a very smart thing in preparing for...
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Tarantino: Hi I'm the 1990s
Rest: And we're the 2000s.

QT: Oh didn't hear of Kill Bill and Grindhouse? I'm the 2000s too, suckas.

Nolan: But we've already seen your phim chiếu rạp before they come out in other countries and at the video store.

At that, Raimi snaps his fingers in z formation.

QT: And I read all the comic stories you're now taking credit for. As WELL as seeing all my phim chiếu rạp at the video store already. That's why Kill Bill Vol. 2 was even a better sequel then Dark Knight and Spider-Man 2!

Rest: Oh please, it was a pistache! bạn even lấy trộm, đánh cắp the âm nhạc from Good Bad and...
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posted by arrowone
I was born in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in 1968. It was there that I was forced to learn how to swim, the age of three I landed in America. I attended Harvard trường đại học and got my degree in advanced physics and exploitative law. I dated Britany Spears when she was still playing out Timberlake. Timberlake, I used to laugh, doesn't that sound like a real sleazy youth overnight camp in a Disney Channel movie? To which Britany would laugh and go grocery shopping. But I decided that having all these things wasn't good enough, so I decided to try my luck with the Boston Pops. Nailed...
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Help me clear this up. Please. Does everyone dislike Katie Holmes because...

a) all self-righteous
b) not true to the comic (my a** bởi the way)
c) in Dawson's Creek and who the heck didn't hate Joey in Dawson's Creek

d) "it's not who bạn are underneath..." That was pretty stupid. And how she's all shaking her head while it's happening. Lame. I gotcha.

e) The Arkham Asylum scene where she's getting on Crane.

f) I honestly can't think of anything else. Maggie Gyllenhal's cute and everything but they wrote her lines all foolishly. And she drags Eckhart down. I'm telling bạn kiddies that if Eckhart,...
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posted by Milesprowerfan
 the cover for Lusus Naturae. It includes the definition too.
the cover for Lusus Naturae. It includes the definition too.
My knuckles tore upon as I banged the bricks for the umpteenth time. Sparks flew from the blood that is shed. I shouldn't have been there. It still makes me mad today as I look back. Why was I there? "LET ME OUT!!" I cried to the gaurds outside my thick cell walls. "I don't belong here!"

"Better an toàn, két an toàn than sorry." Came a very quiet, muffled voice from the other side. "You're a danger to us all, kid. Even if bạn didn't mean to kill that cop, you're still guilty of doing it."

My chest ached from the deep bruises they'd give me as I pounded harder. I have to admit, they were smart enough to use bricks...
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posted by Vela-Nova
Where's the tình yêu for Người dơi the animated series. On this site there's articles, forums, số phiếu bầu for the comics, old Người dơi TV shows and the live action movies. But where's the BTAS love? In my opinion it was the best Người dơi has ever been. Even better than Dark Knight. But I can't find hardly anything about this little gem. It won an emmy for excelent writing. Everyone here seems to have remembered of little tidbit of Batman's history. So where's the BTAS stuff at?

Pleas support The Animated Series. Surely everyone remembers the awesomeness that was Mask of The Phantasm?
posted by arrowone
Captain Stacy: Hi I'm a Marvel
Gordon: ...Hey what are bạn doing here at Commissioner Loeb's funeral?
Stacy: I'm coordinating it! Alright, first things first. The Joker threatened to kill our beloved mayor, so for the funeral, I think it's best to have it in a location with an obscene amounts of windows.
Gordon: ...but what about sharpshooters?
Stacy: Please. We're doing our job.
Gordon: No you're not doing your job. At DC, we get to the bottom of the matter. Like detectives. We're not here to let people off with a warning in order to set good examples for children
Stacy: Yes clearly from watching...
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posted by hey-ya101
It was a stony cold night in Gothem and bruce had just come to his mansion when he saw blood on the floor leading to the kitchen. He followed the trail until, it turned into footprints he stopped and saw a dead security guard laying on the ground.No later then a một phút he decided to look at security tapes it showed someone hacking in the security and then breaking through the window but he couldn`t makeout who it was. the person started to gigle. Then lauphing harder then ever.That moment bruce knew exactly who it was.Joker, a security guard came in the exact same security guard that bruce...
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When i was 5 years old i ask my father, who did he like better Người dơi hoặc Superman?

He answer Batman. So i ask why Batman, he doesn't have superpowers he is just a guy.

My father response was: "That's exactly why. He is just a guy, but a really tough guy. He punches the bad guys, he has cool gadgets, and he never gives up"

Something click in my mind and i been a Người dơi người hâm mộ ever since.

I watch the cartoons, the movies, and when i got older the comics.

So how about bạn guys? When did bạn became a Người dơi fan
Justsomerandomguy is making these again with wolverine and Người hùng báo thù going at each other. Go see them on youtube. Have a flashplayer. Watch them all. I was copying him. He's the master.

Gavin Hood: Hi. I'm a Marvel.
Chris Nolan: And I'm a DC.
Gavin Hood: xin chào where's Watchmen?
Nolan: I gave them the ngày off.
Hood: Why?
Nolan: I have a bone to pick with you. I saw X-Men Origins this weekend and quite frankly I'm confused. Why did bạn copy Hans Zimmer's score almost to the tee when bạn were already facing the task of convincing people bạn weren't copying my Người dơi films?
Hood: Because...I did what,...
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This review is dedicated to Adam West: the best Người dơi of all time.

The New Adventures of Người dơi is a 1977 animated show. It was made bởi Filmation who also made the first He-Man ti vi show.


Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Bat-Mite protect Gotham City from the villains. Bat-Mite tries to be helpful, but often causes conflicts for the Dynamic Duo. Each episode had a lesson for the kids to learn.

This hiển thị is 40 years old. Back then plots were really simple and this hiển thị is proof of that. However the plots aren't bad. The hiển thị was meant for kids. 1 of the main reasons that the hiển thị works is...
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posted by hey-ya101
After bruce was done watching the tape he thought about what alfred đã đưa ý kiến so he asked alfred what was the matter and alfred đã đưa ý kiến that he had taped a bóng rổ game but, the Joker interupted it bởi saying. I will hold Gothem`s mayor hostige until Gothem`s citizens give batman`s identity to me, Joker. And if they don`t I shall kill the mayor.HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Bruse had to think fast in order to save the mayor but he didn`t now how to. Then, an idea hit him, bruce wanye would invite the mayor over to a party that bruce would throw then, when Joker came he would go to the batcave and then go to the party as batman.But what kind of party, I mean what would be so important to throw a party and invite the mayor.Bruse thought.then he remebered his newest invention the wanye inc. made it is so important he has to throw a party and he will tell what it is there. to be continued...
posted by Milesprowerfan
I glanced around the old mansion for quite some time. I'd ask a câu hỏi about a broken pot hoặc a portrait. Art still fascinates me today. I guess it got annoying, since Catwoman slapped me with the whip. "Stop pestering, Strike." She said. "Your room is at the hàng đầu, đầu trang of the stairs. Come back down when you're done." She seemed pretty mad. This made me suspicious. I shrugged it off and went to the staircase.

Looking up, I could tell it was pretty tall. Tall, and dusty. I pulled out my inhaler and began the climb upwards. This mansion, I guessed, must've had three stories. I passed a middle level...
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After Người dơi & Robin, the franchise got ruined. Back in 1998 this were the rumors for Người dơi 5 (Triumphant)

The villains were Scarecrow played bởi Kevin Spacey hoặc Jeff Goldblum, and Harley Quinn played bởi Mira Sorvino hoặc Madonna.

And wait there's more; for the role of Batman:
David Duchovny, Kurt Russel, John Travolta, Brendan Fraser and Mel freaking Gibson!

I’m not kidding those were the rumors back then!!!
I found the bài viết in an old magazine. And i laughed so hard

So tiếp theo time bạn read some rumors like Eddie Murphy as the Riddler. Don’t get upset.
 And the world is a better place now
And the world is a better place now
posted by mrcodegeass
Người dơi Ninja is a 2018 Người dơi film. My review of the film is about the film's English dub.

The film is about Người dơi getting sent to Japan's past. He teams up with Catwoman and his regular helpers to stop the Joker. The Joker is being aided bởi Gorilla Grodd, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, the Penguin, Poison Ivy, and Deathstroke. Người dơi realizes that the people of Japan's past consider Người dơi to be a prophecy hero so Người dơi tries to live up to the hype.

The film's plot is pretty interesting and unique. Although having a film that's about Người dơi and Joker's rivalry is very typical nearly every other...
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Người dơi has been the ngôi sao of various shows and films. In addition to that Người dơi has been played bởi several different actors. This danh sách is about my ranking of the live action versions of Batman.

8. George Clooney (Batman and Robin)

Despite how hated the film was I think it's lots of fun. However I'm not a người hâm mộ of George Clooney's Batman. Since the film was a odd mix of action and comedy it was hard for Mr. Clooney to play Người dơi well. A lot of critics think that Mr. Clooney wasn't enjoying his role in the film which I agree with. Thankfully he's very kind about it and has even đã đưa ý kiến he was sorry...
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”THE DARK KNIGHT” (2008) Review

In 2005, director/writer Christopher Nolan rebooted the Người dơi franchise with the highly successful movie, ”BATMAN BEGINS” that starred Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader. Both men have reunited three years later for a new story centered around Batman’s conflict with his greatest nemesis, Joker in this 2008 sequel called ”THE DARK KNIGHT”.

There has been a great deal of attention surrounding this movie. Many have not only praised it, claiming that it is better than the 2005 movie. But most of the word-of-mouth had centered around the late Heath...
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Several actors have played Batman. There have been over five live action versions of Người dơi as well as various voice actors. People often discuss about which Người dơi actor is the best. I think that the best is Adam West.

1. Adam West stood out thêm than any other Người dơi actor

Adam West got to play Người dơi in a hiển thị that lasted over 100 episodes. That gave him plenty of time for his version of Người dơi to be memorable. Later on he got to voice Người dơi in hoạt hình which gave him a chance to play various versions of Batman. All of his performances as Người dơi are a memorable treat.

The other live action...
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”BATMAN BEGINS” (2005) Review

When Christopher Nolan’s reboot of the Người dơi franchise first made its debut during the summer of 2005, many critics and moviegoers hailed it as the một giây coming. They also viewed it as a vast improvement over the four films released between 1989 and 1997. Since then, ”BATMAN BEGINS” has been overshadowed bởi its 2008 sequel, ”THE DARK KNIGHT” and 2012's "THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS". After a gần đây viewing of the 2005 movie, I must admit that I have a deeper attachment for it.

”BATMAN BEGINS” was basically an origin tale about the scion of a wealthy...
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