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Opinion by mrcodegeass posted cách đây 8 tháng
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Lennie Weinrib was a voice actor. Despite how talented and special he was he didn't get enough credit for his impressive work.

Lennie Weinrib was a voice actor in the 1977 Người dơi animated show. The hiển thị was called The New Adventures of Batman. It was done bởi a studio called Filmation which also did the 1968 Người dơi animated show.

Lennie Weinrib had tons of work to do in The New Adventures of Batman. The hiển thị had 16 episodes. The exact number of characters that Mr. Weinrib voice is hard to know, but he had lots of characters to play.

Lennie Weinrib is the third actor to play the Joker. The first two were Cesar Romero and Larry Storch. Mr. Weinrib had a great Joker voice. It was a one of a kind voice. It was delightfully silly and it's clear that Mr. Weinrib had lots of pleasant energy. His Joker voice was so fun sounding that I remember most of the Joker's dialogue.

Mr. Weinrib also voiced the Penguin. His chim cánh cụt voice sounded both charming and entertaining. It's truly a special sounding voice. It's one of my yêu thích chim cánh cụt voices.
Article by 1122ridr posted hơn một năm qua
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After a barroom brawl in which he kills someone during a violent release of his repressed anger, Arnold Wesker is sent to Blackgate Penitentiary.

He is introduced to "Woody" - a dummy carved from a former Gallows cây bởi cellmate Donnegan - who convinces him to escape and kills Donnegan in a fight which scars the dummy, thus resulting in the birth of Scarface.

Wesker lets the Scarface personality do the dirty work, including robbery and murder. He is totally dominated bởi Scarface, who barks out orders at him and degrades him with verbal and even physical abuse.

Wesker is unable to enunciate the letter "B" while throwing his voice, and replaces them with the "G" instead. For example, Scarface often calls Người dơi "Gatman."

Major Events

The Ventriloquist is one of many villains in Batman's Rogues Gallery to be confined to Arkham Asylum when Người dơi apprehends him.