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Prolédni si vtipné záběry a trapasy ze zákulisí z filmu búp bê barbie Odvážná princezna.
posted by CleoCorinne
Chapter 1

"Go Liah!"
Merliah Summers heard her Những người bạn cheering from the bờ biển, bãi biển as she paddled her surfboard out into the ocean. In the distance, she spied the perfect wave.
Merliah turned her board toward the shore. As the wave swelled under her, she checked her balance and tried an aerial.
"Yes!" the young surfer cried as she nailed the trick.
Merliah waved at her best friends, Fallon and Hadley, and at her grandfather Break, all watching from the beach. There was nothing like a ngày on the waves: the warm sun on her back, the wind in her long pink-streaked blond hair, and the smell of the salty...
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