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Congratulations to nmdis hoặc usually known as Iti for winning the người hâm mộ of the tháng in May 2014! Let's look at her các câu trả lời to the interview questions!

Congratulations on winning, how do bạn feel to be the FOTM?

Thanks, well indeed I never expected it, I did won this tiêu đề in 2012 I guess in tháng of December but then the holder of FOTM didn't continued it and I was really upset and I literally thought that it won't be opened again. Thanks to Helen for reopening it, and thanks to all of those who voted for me, they all mean a lot to me. This indeed is an incredible feeling for me.

How did bạn find...
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Okay, I know I'm fixated, but look at this Live Show! I like this thêm than the other one... and there's Miss Prviet! (Even though I don't really like that woman that plays her... she looks odd...)
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Play game Island Princess
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Can't tell how much I hate the Italian version... It's so stupid... BTW, this singer has literally the same voice as Tiffany Giardina...
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