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Kristyn Is A Dancer Who Dreams Of Being The Prima Ballerina. Madame Katerina Finds Kristyn A Pair Of màu hồng, hồng Ballet Shoes. Kristyn's New Shoes Are Magical! They Whisk Kristyn And Her Friend Hailey Away To A Dream Ballet World. Kristyn's yêu thích Ballet Comes To Life And She Is A Lead Dancer! Kristyn And Hailey Hide When The Evil Snow Queen Arrives. Kristyn's Outfit Magically Transforms As She Enters The Ballet thiên nga Lake. Kristyn Is Crowned Odette, The thiên nga Queen. Kristyn And Prince Siegfried Dance Beautifully Together. The Evil Magician Rothbart Turns Kristyn And Hailey Into Swans! Rothbart Introduces...
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Interview from SO CUTE!!
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Barbie Mariposa and the fairy princess - Only a breath away - Lyrics
Now the sun is up
The wind is in my hair
And the way's rough
But I don't really care

Just over the horizon
Just a short flight from here

I'm gonna see what I've only dreamed
I'm gonna fly on the lightest breeze
It's gonna be like the sách I read
I'll write the pages to my story
It's a brand new day
Only a breath away

(Oh, oh, oh) The wind won't slow us down
It's just a chance to play (oh, oh, oh)
We'll chase the drafts around
They won't get in our way

Just over the horizon
Bet ya the skies are clear

I'm gonna see what I've only dreamed (only...
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