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This phim Barbie bức ảnh might contain đài phun nước.

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 This is your reaction. : )
This is your reaction. : )
Chapter 2:

"KEIRA! Wake up!" Shouted Jennifer. Keira looked up from her cái gối, gối at her strict manager. Jennifer looked angry, "Do bạn want to miss morning practice."

"Morning? It's three o'clock, and it's raining" Keira muttered.

"Early bird catches the worm." Jennifer said.

"Yeah, but I doubt they would fly in the rain at three o'clock when bạn can barely see where you're going." Keira muttered under her breath.

"There's too much wit in you. Go get ready." Jennifer said. Keira got out of bed, and took a vòi hoa sen and got dressed. Muttering to herself how much she wanted Jennifer to disappear,...
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búp bê barbie In the màu hồng, hồng Shoes Dance presented bởi Danceology Ballet Academy at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.
búp bê barbie
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