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 búp bê barbie A Fairy secret- búp bê barbie as fairy
Much better even than on famous "Shh!" picture!
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búp bê barbie a fairy secret
búp bê barbie
Fanpup says...

This phim Barbie bức ảnh might contain chân dung, headshot, and closeup.

It's kinda funny... an Italian that translates from French to English... but since I do study French, I did it anyways! Hope bạn like it!


I feel that I'm not reaching the end
I don't stay in balance
I had to accept it
In fact, my place isn't there

I'm drowning
I want to run far away
It'll be better for me to abandon this
To look back, even at this point

But I must catch the chance
To finally come out of my cocoon
If I'll go on without hesitation...

I'll reach the stars
From where I'll be able to gaze at this world
That is sitting on the horizon
I'll reach the...
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Ken and I tình yêu cupcakes! We used the scientific method to figure out what makes the perfect cupcake, but can’t agree on which one we like best. What’s your favorite?
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Chapter One....
(from the POV of Mistress Emmeline Tister, governess of Princess Destina.)
It was a very cold night, and I have finished teaching Princess Destina. She was called to have bữa tối, bữa ăn tối with her parents and grandmother. Her Highness rarely visited the Dertys lâu đài and she normally lives in Mareonne. I am going to the dining room to receive news from the Queen.

I saw the large door open before me and a servant was saying "Come in" so unfathomably that it seemed that he was not a human at all. I entered the large dining room, seeing Queen Daniella and Queen Rosella before me. Queen Rosella seemed to look on a combination of terrified and agitated. I did not understand why until later.

-To Be Continued
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